I'm on My Own

Krista lives a life only few people know about, living with her mom's abusive boyfriend after a bad fight she gets kicked out. Estranged from the only family she knows now Krista has no where to live. When she finds out the truth about her love Isaac she's all on her own. What do you go when the only person you have to rely on is yourself?

"The only place where I feel safe now is in my dreams. Where only the people that can hurt me are only imaginary. And I can wake up at anytime and It'll all be over."


4. Another Day in the Shed

I wake up to the smell of distant hot coffee lingering from the house. I wake up cozy. (The coziest you could be living in a shed) And I stretch my arms out above my head. Today will just be another day in the shed. The air is cold, but my body is warm. I sit up and look down. Najsha got me breakfast. Today it was an egg sandwich with ketchup and bacon with some orange juice. I swallowed down the orange juice and tried to savor the egg sandwich for as long as I possibly can. 

The light that shines through the cracks in the shed is dull, but I can still see. When was Najsha's family going to church? I hope it's not seven o'clock. Then I'd have to wait another two hours. I lay down again and yawn. It was going to be a long day. Maybe I could head home, and hang out at my house with my dogs. But we'll see. It's good though because I charged my cell phone last night before I hide out in the shed for the rest of the night. I take my cell phone out of my bag and turn it on. It was loud and it scared me when I turned it on. The light from my cell phone is so bright it hurts my eyes. I had missed calls and text messages. I hadn't checked my phone last since I left my house, so I wonder whats happened since then.

I have a text from Isaac which I deleted. I even deleted his number out of my phone. Don't need any part of him anymore. I had a missed call from my mom, and one voice mail. I type in my voice mail password and I listen to my mom cry into the phone. "Krista, where are you? I left Nick but I he took everything from me. I'm out of the house. I need you please come by your uncles house. I'm here and I love you...I need you," She sounded desprate enough for me to care. She sent me this the day after I left. I didn't know what to do though. I just wanted to see my mom again but not live with her. Especially if she was staying with my uncle.

I turned my phone off. I changed my clothes and I crept out of the shed as quietly as I could. I was going to my uncles house. The early sun was blinding to my eyes, I almost didn't know what to do, but I slipped into some sweat pants and a worn sweater and I left with all my stuff. It was a good thing that I decided not to leave town when I ran away.

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