How could they pull us apart

They were just two best friends since the first grade put
They soon face problems when Justin gets his
First girlfriend. Mia is Justin's new girlfriend who
Is trying her hardest to get rid of Yadira (or Justin's best friend)
Yadira goes through so much, humiliation to loneliness
Could this be the end of Yadira and Justin's friendship
Of 9 years?


1. True friend or not?

My names Yadira, not very common. That's
Fine though, because the friendship Justin and
I shared isn't common either. We met in the first
Grade. It was the 1st week of school and I was
Very shy. I was sitting at a lunch table by myself
When a boy, I never even talked to before, came
And sat right next to me. "Hi my names Justin Bieber"
He said," What's your name?" I just sat there. I
Was shocked. Nobody had ever just sat down and
Talked to me before. "My names.... My names Yadira."
He smiled then," Want to be friends?" He asked. I smiled and
Nodded. That was just the start to our friendship.
Justin and I did everything together. Some may think
Having a best friend that's your same gender would be
Better but I can tell you this, it doesn't matter who it is
If you have a best friend, well that's your best friend.
Don't let people change your mind.
Having a guy best friend was always cool and
It was never awkward. That is until I started liking Justin.
To top that he had just gotten a girlfriend
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