How could they pull us apart

They were just two best friends since the first grade put
They soon face problems when Justin gets his
First girlfriend. Mia is Justin's new girlfriend who
Is trying her hardest to get rid of Yadira (or Justin's best friend)
Yadira goes through so much, humiliation to loneliness
Could this be the end of Yadira and Justin's friendship
Of 9 years?


2. The truth behind my smile

It was just a normal day. Except for the fact that I was thinking
About telling Justin how I felt about him. I kept going over what I was
Going to say. I had been waiting to tell him all day. I walked in to my science class to find Justin already sitting at our table. I walked towards him with as much confidence
As possible. I sat at the table next to him and opened my mouth as if to speak
but out of nowhere came a girl named Mia. Mia Holmes was her
Full name and she was one of the most stuck up girls
I knew. Beside from being stuck up she was incredibly
Beautiful. I mean my looks would never top that of hers.
Justin sat there frozen as if he had turned to stone.
Mia came to my side of the table and pushed me out of my chair.
I thought for sure Justin would say something despite I was
Laying on the floor. Instead he laughed. Yeah my "best friend"
Was able to change from a caring guy to a total jerk in less
Than a second when a pretty girl was around. Brady Dallas
Came and helped me up instead. He helped me dust off
The junk that was on the floor of my back.
Brady Dallas wasn't just nice he was very attractive.
His hair was shaggy and he flipped it every five
Minutes. His skinny jeans were sagging and his Vans
Were tied snug. Brady had perfect blue eyes and a cheeky smile.
I thanked him and walked back to the table.
"Hey Yadira guess what?" Asked Justin," Mia just asked me out. It's kinda weird
I always thought guys were supposed to be the ones to do the first move?
I guess she's just confidant." It was my turn to freeze up.
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