How could they pull us apart

They were just two best friends since the first grade put
They soon face problems when Justin gets his
First girlfriend. Mia is Justin's new girlfriend who
Is trying her hardest to get rid of Yadira (or Justin's best friend)
Yadira goes through so much, humiliation to loneliness
Could this be the end of Yadira and Justin's friendship
Of 9 years?


4. Prom night

I sat down at our table and read the paper. It was the
Paper for prom. Everybody was talking about it, about who
They were going with and what they were going to wear. I was sure that I was the only one in that class not going. All of a sudden I heard Mia yelling at Justin from the back of the class.
"We're done Justin. You know I was only acting like I liked you so you could
Do my science project!" Everyone in class was staring and I sat back down
Next to Justin again. "So who are you going to prom with now Justin?" "I don't even know anymore." He said. "Well I'm sorry about Mia." I said trying
To comfort him. "It's fine you shouldn't be sorry. She isn't the girl
I want to be with anyway." "Maybe instead of going with a date
You can perform at prom?" I asked. Everybody new Justin for his amazing voice
And guitar and drum skills. "Yeah maybe." He said.
It was time to go home and as usual Justin and I walked home together.
I finally thought I could tell Justin how I felt.

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