How could they pull us apart

They were just two best friends since the first grade put
They soon face problems when Justin gets his
First girlfriend. Mia is Justin's new girlfriend who
Is trying her hardest to get rid of Yadira (or Justin's best friend)
Yadira goes through so much, humiliation to loneliness
Could this be the end of Yadira and Justin's friendship
Of 9 years?


3. Never thought I could feel this way

My heart sank. The butterflies in my stomached stopped
Fluttering. Tears swam in my eyes and it felt like someone had
Just stabbed my back. "Hey are you ok?" Justin asked in concern.
"I'm... I'm fine it's just when Mia pushed me onto the floor
I get my head and it just kinda hurts." I lied. The rest of class was
A huge disaster. Justin and I were supposed to be partners in our
Science project but he left me to go with Mia. I never thought I could feel
So hurt. My partner ended up being Brady. After a while Brady and I
Finally started talking. Turns out he was pretty funny and random.
The day was finally going smooth when Mia walked up to the
Front of the room and yelled out to the whole class," Yadira seems so desperate
Right now. I mean look at her, she's with MY ex boyfriend." I know it wasn't such a bad thing but
The whole class started clapping and laughing. I looked back at Justin who was just staring
With his eyes wide opened, but not once did he say a word. I grabbed my backpack and ran out of the room. I ran all the way to the school fountain. The fountain was located
In a beautiful garden. It was full of flowers of every color. Willow trees were everywhere and I sat down under one. All of my pain started to gather up. I started sobbing until Justin and Brady found me. "Get away from her!" Yelled Brady. "She's my friend! So you get away!" Said Justin.
"I didn't see you pick her off the floor today! And I didn't see YOU try to comfort her when Mia humiliated her in front of the whole class!" Justin stood there with no words to say to that.
"Stop it! Just stop! Please just stop fighting." I started to cry again. Justin came down and sat next to me giving me a hug. "I'm so sorry Yadira. I never
Wanted to hurt you." "It's fine Justin. You have a girlfriend now
So I know things wont be the same."
" it's not going to change as much as you think."
Brady was still listening and he grew frustrated. "We'll we got to get back to class guys." "Yeah Yadira's right we got to get back to class before we all get
Sent up to the office." Said Justin
We got back to class and there were papers
At each of our tables.
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