You Want Me? Beg For Me

Niall Horan has had his heart broken before. So bad that he doesn't trust anyone not even his own family. The only ones he trusts (barely) are his two closest friends but even they can't help him. He's also gay. He's vowed never to fall again. But that vow is put to the test when Liam Payne enrolls at his school. Feelings arise. Liam has made it clear from the start that he wants Niall. But Niall isn't giving in. He's different than he was before. Yet his heart is aching to love someone, aching to be loved, aching for just love in general. Niall is giving Liam 16 days to win him over. Liam wins, he gets Niall. Possibly more. He looses, he lets Niall go forever. Or not. 16 days to win Niall over, the boy who is practically immune to love. Let the countdown begin....


3. The Challenge


"My name is Liam Payne." 

His voice. 

It's a deep yet rich sound that is laced with an attractive British accent. I don't know why I'm noticing this, all the kids here are British, so it shouldn't surprise me. Yet it does, and it makes my stomach tighten. Why? 

Unconsciously I turn my head and get a good look at him. I don't know why I do, maybe it's his voice. From a gay guys point of view, I have to admit he's...good-looking. I maybe guarded, but that doesn't mean I can't check a guy out. Mr. Brenton left to get some papers in the library.  

Liam is not looking in my direction since some girl started taking to him, which pisses me off for some reason. He's got brown hair that is reflecting the lights, giving it a glow. It's styled in a messy yet cute? way. He's wearing a tight, white shirt that show off his muscles. Black skinnies that compliment his legs. And converse. Looking at him is giving me a tingly feeling in my stomach. I must be sick or something. 

He's still taking to the girl and I'm about to look away when he turns around. Our eyes meet and I have to restrain a gasp. 

His eyes...they're a captivating warm brown color. I can feel myself getting lost in his eyes but I force myself to look away. His skin is a semi-tan color. His lips are tempting. They're soft, pink and plump looking. Just begging to be kissed until they're swollen. 

I guess I'm staring too long because he clears his throat. 

"Can I help you with something?" he asks confused. 

"No nothing." I reply casually although it's a lie. What I want to know is why he's making me feel weird and out of place with my emotions. 

"Then why were you staring at me? Liking the view?" he smirks. 

Everyone stops talking at once and focuses on us. They all know about my behavior and trust issues. 

"I was zoned out. There's nothing to like if there's no view worth seeing." I say expressionless, shrug and look away. 

I can hear gasp from some girls, probably wondering why I dissed the guy when in their opinion he's handsome. 

"What the hell Niall? Why did you insult him? We all know you have trust issues but get over it." one of the sluts says, Jacky. I turn to her slowly, anger clear in my eyes. 

"Excuse me? Did you go through what I went through? No you didn't, so keep your slutty mouth shut." is my response. 

She looks like she's about to slap me but Mr. Brenton comes back in with the papers. 

"All right class, I will pass our some worksheets for our next lesson." he announce and is answered with groans. 

I zone out after that but can't shake the feeling that someone is watching me. I carefully look around, looking for my stalker, when I meet a pair of warm eyes. 


I stare back at him, and I see him blush slightly. Why would he blush? Is he straight? Wait, why the hell do I care? I shake any thoughts of Liam away but he's still on my mind. 

It's just because he's new, I tell myself. 

The rest of the day passes fast which I'm thankful for and soon it's the last class. I have no other classes with Harry and Louis other than lunch. In lunch there was a rumor that Liam has claimed me. What the fuck?  

But now it's time for English with Mrs. Willow. She's a nice teacher but get on her bad side and you're dead. Not literally but you get my point. She's also one of the few teachers that somewhat understands my situation.  

I enter her class and go to the back, occasionally greeting our classmates. These guys and gals are more mature than the history one. I'm not the first one here but not the last ones either. I go sit next to the window but the seat in front of me is empty. It's never empty, even if someone is absent, it's always taken. The bell rings. 

Mrs. Willow comes in...with Liam. 

"Class this is Liam, he'll be in this class from now on. Treat him nicely." she says. 

We just nod. Liam looks around and asks "Where do I sit?" 

She looks around the room for an empty seat, and finally settles on the one in front of me. Damn! There's other empty seats why the on near me? 

"You can sit in front of Niall." 

His eyes widen in realization, forgot I never told him my name. He smiles and sits down. The teacher starts class and I zone out again. 

Even though I zone out, I still manage to know what's going on in class or else I would be failing. As I zone out I focus in Liam's back. 

His muscles move whenever he shifts around causing the tingly feeling again. His hair looks really soft that I just want to run my hand through it, feeling the texture of it run through my fingers. But he 'claimed' me, what is that supposed to mean? 

"Niall?" Mrs. Willow's voice breaks my thoughts. Thank You. 

"Yes?" I ask looking at her. 

She smiles "Can you tell me what the character meant he said 'you who have sight are blind but I who am blind see more than you.' Do you have any idea as to what that means?" 

I think about it a bit and answer "Well it could mean that just because we have sight doesn't mean we see everything. We sometimes refuse to see the truth even though it's right in our faces. But the blind pay more attention to things do they can see what the truth is." 

"I see what you're saying. Good answer Niall." she turns to another student. 

I look outside but notice Liam looking at me. 

"What?" I whisper yell. 

He smiles amused "You zone out but still pay attention?" 

I roll my eyes "I don't mean to. It's just natural instinct I guess. Besides I don't want to fail." 

"Yeah but-" the bell cuts him off. 

I hurriedly gather my stuff and leave the class. I want I condemn him about it but not in class. 

I make it to the hallway before someone grabs my wrist. The mere touch sets my body on fire. Liam. 

I yank my hand away and turn to him. All the students in the hallway are staring at us. Great an audience! 

"What the fuck do you want Liam?" 

"Do you hate me?" he asks with a smirk. 

"Yes I do. Take the hint and leave me alone." I reply. 

"I can't do that." 

"And why not? Is it because you claimed me? What is that even about?" I glare at him but he's still smirking. 

"Ahhh! About that, you do I put it in simple words?" he taps his chin.  

"Just spit it out!" I snap. 

"I want you." is his response. 

What? He wants me? 

"I'm not a damn toy Payne. What do you mean 'you want me'? As in 'hey let's have sex, ok now go away.'?" he wants me to be his boy toy. In his dreams. 

"No not like that Niall. As in dating." when he said my name I swear I got dizzy. Focus.  

"You could've just asked me you retard." 

"Niall will you go out with me?" 

Does he really think I'll say yes? Yeah right. 

"No." I reply plainly. 

"Just give me a chance Niall." 

"You want me? Beg for me." I reply coldly. 

"How?" he's confused. 

"I'll give you sixteen days. If you win me over by the end of those sixteen days, I'll go out with you. If not, you leave me alone forever." I explain.  

"Challenge accepted." he says cockily. 

"Don't be so sure you'll win. You don't know me." he doesn't known my story. 

"If you say so. When do we start?" 

"Tomorrow." is my only response before I leave him shocked.

He wants a challenge? I'll give him a challenge.

Let the countdown begin....

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