You Want Me? Beg For Me

Niall Horan has had his heart broken before. So bad that he doesn't trust anyone not even his own family. The only ones he trusts (barely) are his two closest friends but even they can't help him. He's also gay. He's vowed never to fall again. But that vow is put to the test when Liam Payne enrolls at his school. Feelings arise. Liam has made it clear from the start that he wants Niall. But Niall isn't giving in. He's different than he was before. Yet his heart is aching to love someone, aching to be loved, aching for just love in general. Niall is giving Liam 16 days to win him over. Liam wins, he gets Niall. Possibly more. He looses, he lets Niall go forever. Or not. 16 days to win Niall over, the boy who is practically immune to love. Let the countdown begin....


2. ~Shitty Day~

 The only way to describe a Monday morning. It's raining and the bullets of cold rain water hitting my window constantly, is driving me crazy. It's a dull, cloudy day, the clouds are gray and black giving it a dreary look. Not that it isn't already. Everything looks and feels lifeless.
 I really don't want to be up right now, but I'm not even sure what woke me up. Oh yeah, the stupid alarm. It's still going off so I reach out and turn it off, checking the time while I'm at it. 6:50 am.
 I groan "Why the hell am I even up this early?"
 I decide to go back to sleep but barely close my eyes when I hear my mum knocking on the door.
 "Niall honey? You awake?" her motherly voice asks laced with our Irish accent.
 I stay quiet hoping she'll leave. No such luck. 
  I hear her sigh "Niall, come on. You have school today. Remember?" damn.
 "No mum. I didn't forget. How could I forget this special day?" my voice full of sarcasm.
 "Just please hurry up Niall. Louis and Harry will be here soon." with that she leaves.
 I feel bad for acting that way with her, but I'm just doing what I do. Making sure I don't get close to anyone. That way my heart won't get broken. Trust me, I've had enough of that. Maybe some day, I'll be more closer to her. But until that day comes she's stuck with my behavior.
 I can't believe our Halloween break is over. Yeah bitches, we have a break for Halloween and its a bit longer than two weeks. I don't know why but I'm not going to complain. Harry asked why once, and was told to keep his mouth shut unless he wanted the break taken away. Thank God Harry kept his mouth shut or else we wouldn't have had a break.
 I mentally argue with myself about wether I should get up or not. I finally get up and look around my room. Contrary to my feelings, which are not the happiest, my room is a light shade of blue. A tranquil, sky blue giving the illusion of peacefulness. The walls are covered in posters of random stuff. From Justin Bieber to Katy Parry to school awards. My sleek, white, Apple laptop and school things are on my white desk. Next to my bed, which has blue and white covers, is a white and black bedside table. Sitting on it are my iPod and iPhone chargers, the devices themselves, a small lamp and the alarm clock. Near my bathroom is my walk-in closet. It's full of clothes, and shoes. It's an ok room.
 I go through my usual school morning routine. Shower, change, eat and leave. As I shower, I think of my best friends. Harry and Louis.
 Honesty, they're the best friends anyone could ever have. They always supported me through my breaks up. Telling me everything was going to be ok, even though they knew themselves it wasn't. They kept my confidence up, something I really needed to work on. And when I went into depression, they were there for me every day. They talked to me not caring that I never responded. They knew it was tough for me, and they accepted that. Even after I changed, they still treated me the same. They understood my reasons for changing, something no one else did. And I didn't expect them too.
 After I'm done with my shower, I wrap a green towel around my waist and dry my hair with another. I go into my closet and look around. I settle for a red polo shirt, tan chinos, and white Supras shoes. I mess up my hair so it's nearly sticking up. I grab my black school bag, iPhone, iPod and head to the kitchen.
 There I see my mum making chocolate chip pancakes. What the hell? Why didn't she tell me?
 "Niall, you better hurry. You have ten minutes to get to school." mum informs me.
 Shit. I sigh, grab a pancake and leave the house. I start the short five minute walk to school, knowing Harry and Louis will meet me there. 
 As I walk, I notice how empty the air seems. Like I'm all alone, well I am since no one is around, but it's different. I feel like I'm missing something. I dismiss the feeling. I finally get to school and see them hanging out at the front doors.
 Louis is a twenty-one year old that got held back, for his sassiness in middle school. He may be older but he's immature, although he can be mature when the situation calls for it. He's a fun, sassy, perverted-minded guy. But he's my friend anyways. He's got brown hair pointing up in a messy style, blue-green eyes, a tan complexion and a contagious smile.
 Harry is eighteen, a year younger than me. He's on the same maturity as Louis, no surprise since they spend a lot of time together. He's fun, cheeky, flirty and perverted like Lou. He's got awesome brown curly hair, striking green eyes, tan complexion and a dashing smile.
 And they're also gay, like me. They claim nothing is going on between them but I'm not blind. They look at each other as if they're the only ones in the world. Hold hands in a 'friendly' way and occasionally kiss each other. Yeah Nothing going on there.
 "Hey guys. What have you been up to?" I ask when I reach them. We start walking to our first class, history.
 "Eh nothing much. The usual food fights, water fights and truck-or-treating." Louis shrugs.
 "You guys actually went for candy? Aren't you a little too old for that?" I'm amused. It's do like them to do that.
 "In the words of the wise Louis William Tomlinson 'you are never too old for trick-or-treating'  he's a great thinker." Harry adds.
 "I'm pretty sure someone already said that. And Louis? Great thinker? Please, he's the idiot who thought of riding a mattress off a roof onto a swimming pool." I roll my eyes smiling at the memory.
 In sixth grade, Lou decide to 'fly' so he grabbed an inflatable mattress. Pulled it up into the roof of his house and slid down with it aiming for the pool. Let's just say, he's not good at aiming.
 We laugh at the memory of when we were younger and really idiotic kids.
 Before I changed.
 We reach our class and go in just before the bell rings. Everyone else is in their seats, about twenty-nine people in our class. Most of them ok girls the others are sluts (too much makeup, too little clothing). The guys are ok too so we don't have any problems. Louis, harry and I go to the back and sit down. I'm near the window, Louis next to me and Harry in front of him. We're waiting for Mr. Brenton to come in, so we start talking again. We're talking about how Harry used to wear his mum's bras when he was little when the teacher came in.
 Followed by some new kid. I don't bother looking at the new kid, what's the point. He's probably like Them. I stare out the window, noticing how the leaves on the trees look decaying. It's just the cloudy sky making them look like that. It really is a shitty day. I continue staring until Mr. Brenton's voice pulls me our of my thoughts.
 "Class, we have a new student. Would you like to introduce yourself?"
 I hear the guy sigh in annoyance and I chuckle. He's not a fan of introductions.
 "My name is Liam Payne."

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