You Want Me? Beg For Me

Niall Horan has had his heart broken before. So bad that he doesn't trust anyone not even his own family. The only ones he trusts (barely) are his two closest friends but even they can't help him. He's also gay. He's vowed never to fall again. But that vow is put to the test when Liam Payne enrolls at his school. Feelings arise. Liam has made it clear from the start that he wants Niall. But Niall isn't giving in. He's different than he was before. Yet his heart is aching to love someone, aching to be loved, aching for just love in general. Niall is giving Liam 16 days to win him over. Liam wins, he gets Niall. Possibly more. He looses, he lets Niall go forever. Or not. 16 days to win Niall over, the boy who is practically immune to love. Let the countdown begin....


5. Day 2

Day 2: 11/14/12
(back to Niall's POV)

I'm sitting in fourth period calculus doing a worksheet, thinking about yesterday's events.
Unfortunately Louis and Harry couldn't show up at the park yesterday due to detention. Who throws water balloons at the teacher for their science demonstration?
So I had gone home and kept the tears at bay. Mom and Greg had gone to a baby shower. So I had lain in bed refusing to think about Liam, by counting numbers until I fell asleep. I got to 3458 before I fell asleep. I'm so thankful that I never have homework to do, or else I would be failing right now.
I still refuse to think until I see Louis and Harry. I need to let my thoughts out or I'm going to explode. I don't think the janitors would like to clean up Irish guts.
I check the time again 11:28. Two more minutes and I can go to lunch.
I wonder where Liam is? He wasn't in history this morning which made me wonder where he was. Skipping maybe.
One minute...
I shove my stuff in my bag and get the hell out of there.
Peace out my British homies!
I drop of my things at my locker and hurry to the cafeteria. I'm the tenth one here, so I don't have to wait in line. I grab a tray and get two slices of pepperoni pizza, a packet of Oreos from the snack bar, a bottle of LifeWater and some peaches. I pay for my lunch and sit at our table which is near the back and far from eavesdroppers. You can't trust anyone these days.
While I'm waiting for Lou and Harry I start to eat my food. I'm done with the pizzas and peaches by the time they get here. They just got a ham and cheese sandwich, OJ and grapes. Yummy. They sit and stare at me with such intensity that I have to look away.
"Whaaat?" I whine.
"What did you tell Liam before you left him yesterday?" Harry asks seriously.
"Umm...I don't remember." I lie.
Why am I lying? This is what I needed to talk to them about and I'm lying to them?!
"Niall! Tell us." Louis demands.
"I told him that it hurts too much." I whisper.
"Why?" he asks.
"Well he wanted to get to know me by staring at me, so I told him to either be normal around me or get to know my past and ask people about it. He then asked why I couldn't tell him...and I told him it hurts too much." I reply looking at the table.
"You do know what this means don't you?" Harry questions.
He sighs "It means, he's going to want to know everything about you and your past. And he'll use that to his advantage in this challenge."
I blink shocked. I didn't think of that. It never occurred to me that I would be helping him in this this. Meaning I'm going to have to make sure my walls are stronger than before.
I guess my eyes show my emotions because Lou hits Harry behind the head.
"Oww! Boo what was that for?" Harry rubs his head scowling.
"Harry that didn't even hurt. Anyways, how do you know that Liam actually wants to know about Niall because he cares about him." he suggest.
I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh. They both look at me like I'm crazy, I probably am.
"You seriously think Liam cares about me? As in care, like worries about me? Next joke please." I say in between laughs.
"Niall please just consider the possibility of him caring about you." Louis pleads.
"Like I considered the possibility of Tyler caring about me despite the abuse? Thanks but no thanks." I reply coldly and leave not bothering to throw my trash away.
I don't feel like singing today so I just walk around aimlessly in the hallways. I suddenly have the urge to pee so I go into the nearest bathroom only to run into Zayn.
"Oh hey Niall." he smiles at me.
"Hey Zayn." I smile back at him, really wanting to ask where Liam was but not wanting to know.
"Niall just spit it out." he says playfully.
"Spit what out?" I act dumb to cover for myself. But I want to know where Liam was!
"Liam was skipping morning classes."
"Can you read minds?" I ask in awe.
"No but I can hear with my ears." he says implying that I was speaking out loud.
"Oh. Thanks anyways. Umm do you know why?" I ask.
"Sorry, can't say anything." he apologizes.
"Ok thanks anyways." I answer in a deflated tone and leave not in the mood to pee anymore.
I go to my locker, grab my stuff and head for art class. I enter the room and sit at my seat. The bell rings signaling class has started and Mr. Asher continues the lesson about shading. We end up practicing shading on our blank piece of paper.
I zone out while doing it and when the bell rings I notice that I had drawn a bleeding heart shaded in the right places so it looks like it's all shriveled and old. It looks so depressing that I crumble it up and throw it away.
It resembles my heart too much.
The next two classes go by fast and soon it's time for English class. I enter the class in time and sit at my seat. Everyone else comes in but no brunette. I sigh in confusion. I'm not even sure why I'm checking wether He's coming or not. I look down at my desk confused and angry at myself. I shouldn't feel like this. The bell rings and class is in session.
My thoughts are interrupted when I feel a hand on my shoulder giving me shivers. Then the voice. He came back! Yay! Notice the enthusiasm.
"Niall? You ok?" it's full of so much worry that I feel my heart beat faster. No!
I lift my head up and look at him "Yeah just tired."
He scrutinizes my face not buying it but nods "You don't look well. Are you sick? Do you feel well?"
"Liam I'm ok rea-" I'm cut off.
"Are you sure? Do you have a fever? Or a cold? Or-"
This caring, even if it's fake, is getting annoying.
"LIAM! I'M OK! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yell at him.
Everyone looks at us surprised by my outburst. Thank God the teacher isn't here yet. I glare at them and they look away, going back to talking.
I look at Liam and see the hurt in his eyes. I wince.
"I'm sorry. I was just worried about you." he says weakly.
"Well don't. I don't need you to worry about me." I hiss.
He looks at me for a second before turning around and sitting down.
Mrs. Willow chooses this moment to walk in and start class. She talks about how people have deceiving thoughts that cloud their actual feelings. The people don't realize it until its too late and have to deal with the consequences. She keeps on talking until we have fifteen minutes left.
"Class I am giving you an essay to do." she announces.
We all groan. She usually makes us do four page essays.
"With a partner that I will assign you." she continues.
Well at least it won't be as bad.
"The essay will be on the feeling of sadness. You and your partner have to each write about a time when you have felt sadness. Then write what sadness means to the both of you. Meaning you have to get to know each other. It has to be at least two pages long. This is due on Monday."
I am so going to ace this. I am a total expert in sadness. Should that be something to be proud of?
"Now here are your partners. Abby and Andy. Carlos and Logan. Selena and Justin. Becca and Ashley. James and Richard." she goes on and on until I realize something. The only ones left are...

"Niall and Liam."
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