Opaque Mirror

Blair is only seventeen years old, but for over ten years she's been hunting dark angels with her older brother, Demitri who is twelve years older than her. But when Blair discovers a family, she grows close to them, particularly the eldest son, Aidan. But Aidan reveals a secret, and Blair has to choose between her love for the family and her brother... will she choose wisely?


1. Blair

The sunset was beautiful. I remember when I was younger, maybe five or six, I'd always make sure that I was at the window, watching the sunset. The sunset to me, marked beauty. That's changed now. I dread sunsets now. It marks the start of my job for that day.

My name is Blair. I'm seventeen years old, and I live with my brother, Demitri, who's twenty-nine. My parents died in a car crash when I was nine years old, and Demitri couldn't watch me go into care, so he took me under his wing. Unfortunately, Demitri was never home. He was always working, so I had to cook for myself, and get myself up in the mornings and get myself to school. Sometimes, I would go four or five days without seeing him, and then when he was home, he'd sleep. When I got to the age of eleven, and was due to go to secondary school, Demitri pulled me out of school to teach me about his job.

An angel killer. The first time I went with Demitri on a hunt, we found a twelve year old male angel. Demitri questionned him whilst he was tied to the ceiling. He was clearly in pain but he never gave away any information besides his name and age. I didn't like watching that, but watching the death was even more painful. The boy screamed in agony as Demitri lit a fire and threw him into it.

"The fire stops their powers, Blair. And it rids the world of them," Demitri explained.

"But what do they do that is so bad?" I asked, my hands trembling.

"They survive on positive energies, so they release negative energies into the air, and suck out the positive energies, leaving people feeling depressed, and some people have even taken their own lives when the angels have been around for too long. And in some severe cases, the angels themselves have been known to kill humans," Demitri said, taking my hand and leading me back to his car.

When we reached the car, I remember he wrapped a blanket around me and pulled out a thermus of hot chocolate.

"So, you remember what I did tonight?" Demitri asked me. I simply nodded.

"Good. It's what you're going to be helping me with from now on. No more learning Maths or French. It will be learning how to detect angels, how to question them, pressurise them into answering your questions," Demitri said.

I couldn't believe it. Demitri had pulled me out of school because he wanted me to help him murder living things. In a way.

Staring at the sunset brought these memories back to me. I watched as Demitri packed up the car ready for the house that we were going to because a neighbour called about strange happenings going on in the house.

I pulled on my black vest, black shorts because it was warm and my black studded boots, and ran a brush through my hair, which was auburn and hung to my waist. I picked up my rucksack, made sure I had warmer clothes for later, a torch, chocolate, a bottle of water, matches and a knife. Just in case.

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