Fate or Destiny?

One day Skilor was walking the streets of Ireland, on vacation. She had lost her family at the store because she had been flirting with a cute guy. All of a sudden she bumps into someone and they both fall backwards. Will this person help her or will they abandon her when all the memories come flooding back? Read to find out! (ps: this is my first movella!)


4. Chapter3

When we got to my house, I really didn't want to say goodbye.

"Um can I have your phone number so I can text you the details?" Niall nervously asked.

"Sure! Here lets trade phones," I replied. I gave him my phone and he gave his to me. I put in: Skilor <3 and my number. I gave it back to him.

"Okay, well I should probably go. Cya!" I waved goodbye and walked inside.

"Where have you been?" my mother scolded.

"I got in a car accident on the way home. But don't worry, it wasn't my fault." I patiently told her.

"I'm sorry darling! Are you alright?"

"Yeah I just have a broken leg and a slight concussion, but I'll be fine."

"Thank goodness! Well you go upstairs and clean up." I went upstairs and texted Niall.

To : Nialler <3

Hey (=

From: Nialler <3

Hey! How are you doing?

To: Nialler <3

I'm good. I should probably tell my mom that I have a date with you...

From: Nialler <3

Good and that would be a good idea. So can we go out tomorrow at 7?

To: Nialler <3

Yeah that works! So where to?

From: Nialler <3

Can't tell you! Gotta go! Cya!

I put my phone down on my dresser and went downstairs. Now I have to tell my mom, and she's not going to be happy. She is very overprotective. Wish me luck!

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