Fate or Destiny?

One day Skilor was walking the streets of Ireland, on vacation. She had lost her family at the store because she had been flirting with a cute guy. All of a sudden she bumps into someone and they both fall backwards. Will this person help her or will they abandon her when all the memories come flooding back? Read to find out! (ps: this is my first movella!)


1. Chapter1

*BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!* I turned around to my clock and saw the time. 5:45.  And then it hit me: it's the last day of school! I hopped out of bed and ran as quietly as I could to the shower. I washed my hair and body with the usual routine, but I was more awake than usual. I walked to my closet to see what would be cute. I saw the perfect outfit: a light pink summer dress with a black cardigan, black flip-flops, a cute owl necklace, and matching owl earrings. I put my hair into a fishtail braid down the side of my head. I put on light makeup and looked in the mirror. Perfect.

I walked downstairs and put waffles in the toaster while humming a One Direction song. I turned around and I saw Carter, my 14 year old brother, rubbing his eyes.

"Why are you so happy?" he grumbled.

"It's the last day of school Carter. Aren't you excited?"

"Oh yeah! Well I'm going to get ready," he replied as he skipped up the stairs. I swear, that boy is the craziest person I know, and I have crazy friends. I took my waffles, that I almost burnt, out of the toaster and put some butter on it. They were so yummy.

I guess I should introduce myself to you. I'm Skilor.I know. It's a weird way to spell it, but I like it. It makes me stand out. I'm 18 years old and I have a scholarship to Yale. I would say that I'm smart, but that's only because I am one of very few people to get a 3 year scholarship to an amazing college. I live with my mom, dad, Carter, and my dog, Lulu, in Irelnad. She is a jack russel and pug mix, which makes her a jug. She is so cute! Anyway, back to my story of how my life changed.

I finished my waffles and went upstairs to grab my purse. I'm a senior, so we haven't had any homework in like two weeks. Awesome, right? So I went back downstairs and said bye to everyone and hopped in my car. I have a pink 2012 Mustang. It was a custom color and it was for my 18th birthday. I drove to school and got out, only to see my best friend Tami running towards me.


"Ok you are going to make me deaf! Stop screaming!"

"Sorry, but I can't believe we get to be home the rest of the summer!"

"I know right! Well lets get to class or we are going to be late!" And with that we went to class. The day went by so fast and I saw a few girls cry because they sad they wouldn't see their friends for a while. I was just waiting for the last bell to ring so I could be free. It rang and I pretty much burst out of that place. I was meeting Tami at my house so we could have an end of school party. I was on my way home when something not expected happened...

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