Fate or Destiny?

One day Skilor was walking the streets of Ireland, on vacation. She had lost her family at the store because she had been flirting with a cute guy. All of a sudden she bumps into someone and they both fall backwards. Will this person help her or will they abandon her when all the memories come flooding back? Read to find out! (ps: this is my first movella!)


5. Chapter 4

I slowly trudged down the stairs, dreading the moment when I would have to tell my mom. You see, she has always been overprotective when it came to boys. I guess it's because she wants to make sure he is good enough for me and that he won't leave me like my dad left my mom. I understand why she acts like this though.

"Hey mom. Where are you?"

"In the kitchen honey. What's up?" I walked to the kitchen to see my mom looking through a magazine.

"Um, I have to talk to you about something."

"Ok, what is it?"

"I, uh, have a, uh date tomorrow."

"With who? Do I know this boy? Is he nice? What is his name?" She asked me a million questions and I was instantly overwhelmed.

"Ok well his name is Niall, and no you don't know him. He is very nice and he is from that group, One Direction. Is that ok?"

"Yes, but I would like to meet him tomorrow when he comes over, so I know whether or not I can trust him. alright?"

"He will be here tomorrow night at 7 and I know you will be able to trust him. I'm going back upstairs now. Bye." And then I skipped back up the stairs to my room. I was surprised by how well that went. I thought she was going to give me this big long lecture about boys like she always did. It's not that I don't tell my mom things, but I am always scared. So every now and then I won't tell her something. We are a pretty open family. Except for Carter. He just mopes around and hangs out with his friends. I guess I should warn Niall about meeting my mom.

To: Niall <3

Hey Niall

From: Niall <3

Hey what's up?

To: Niall <3

I just wanted to tell you that my mom wants to meet you when you come over tomorrow

From: Niall <3

Thanks for the heads up and I will be on my best behavior ;)

To: Niall <3

No problem and I gtg cya tomorrow!

After that I put my phone down and got ready for bed. I had just realized how tired I was. After all, I did have a busy day, but it turned out better than I expected.

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