The Lost Stories of the Games

This is the lost story of Veronica Deriaye, a citizen of District 13. When her sister and Justin Bieber's brother both are drafted into the arena, how will they deal with the law that states:
"No volunteer tributes are allowed."?
(Justin Bieber Competition)


2. The "Election"

"Hurry along, lads!" Commander J.C Henry barked at us young soliders.

As we work our way to a shiny metal building, we saw a gathering of people about to watch the drawing of the names from the pool of "fugitives." At least that is what the Capitol calls us. We aren't bad or anything but let's just say we are driven to stand up for what we believe in.

"Alrighty, everyone!" A cheery woman yelled from the stage. I presume she will be announcing the victims in the games.

"I am your host, Regina Harty." she said as she scanned the crowd looking at all the young individuals.

Regina Harty... hmmm... Let me think a minute. Yes! I got it ! She served in the 50th Hunger Games, and didn't win. How's she alive? You may ask. She was elected representative for District 5, poor thing, she was scrawny and malnourished, for her family didn't give a hoot about her. After she was half way into the games, she passed out cold and someone named Kiolo Parks rescued her and cared for her until she gained consciousness again. They hid in the woods only five minutes away from the "watering hole', which led to the tradegy. Kiolo was shot by Farenn Warner, who just was in it to win it. Heartbroken, Regina went after Farenn and killed her with a stick and stone. After she finished the job, she felt guilty and waded in the river awhile to ponder about what to do. How would anyone forgive her? Then she came up with a plan. She had to gain respect from everyone including the fallen, whose names would be remembered by her. She changed the face of the game. Regina called everyone to the river and made a peace treaty with every soul left in the game. All of them agreed that what the Capitol was doing was wrong and that we should stand up for what we believe in. This group was called "The Fugitives." No one liked them, they thought that what they did was wrong. Everyone hated her. Still in the game, she and the tributes paraded around the arena, letting the Capitol know who was boss in this situation. The Capitol finally agreed to let them go. The "nonsense" had stopped and they were free. No one ever mentions her because of her "horrible" deeds, which is a shame because killing innocent people isn't right, it's predudice.



"I really appreciate coming here every year and reading off the names of the tributes!" She read off a notecard with a look of disgust on her face. She took a deep, long breath and set herself in a calm mood.

"Ladies." She puts her gloved hand into the clear glass pool and pulls out a name.

"Mia Deriaye." That's my sister... I take a moment to process this. I look over at my sister and the look of fear on her face.

"Now the boys."

"Nathan Bieber." That's Justin's younger brother.


Justin Bieber was the guy who you came to for advice. He knew all the answers. He also was an amazing musician, but no one ever acknowledged him, for he was that mysterious, boy next door type. 


Both of our lives are about to change.

"I volunteer as tribute!" We both say in unison.

I look at him, he looks at me and our eyes meet creating a sense of relaxation. Next I feel a hot electric    shock in my back as I fall to the ground hitting face first.
"Remember the rules, you dirty fugitive!" A mean man in white responds to my shock.

"Ye-" I feel another shock and I feel almost fried to the point of no return.

"Don't talk!" He barked in my ear as I lay on the ground.

My eyesight is blurry and all I see is Justin fighting the man in white holding a grip on his arms. Then I see the most heartbreaking thing, my sister walking up to the podium,scared.

I see a look of fear in her eyes and I try to get to the stage but am numb everywhere.


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