The Lost Stories of the Games

This is the lost story of Veronica Deriaye, a citizen of District 13. When her sister and Justin Bieber's brother both are drafted into the arena, how will they deal with the law that states:
"No volunteer tributes are allowed."?
(Justin Bieber Competition)


1. Me, Myself and I

I'm sure you have heard of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, right? Well, I knew them and respect them as District 12's victors and all, but what ever happened to the written accounts of the minors. Stephanie Packard, I'm sure you've never heard of her. She won the 25th Hunger Games for District 12 but no one ever idolized her. She was roughly a teenager and severely injured her legs in the game but strived for survival and got her gift: survival. Well, you see, my name is Veronica Deriaye, and I am a citizen of District 12 and this is my story.

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