Kill Me Sweetly, Kill Me Softly, Kill Me Dead.

A short china doll story.


1. Kill Me Sweetly, Kill Me Softly, Kill Me Dead


A beautiful eight year old girl, Izzy, got this adorable china doll for her birthday; she named the doll Sam. Izzy was playing with her doll until the night crept. She woke up to hear weird noises. Then, chanting began. "Be careful what you do...God is watching you...They calm your head, but now they're dead. Say goodbye, say goodnight." She fell back into a troubled sleep, dreaming of darkness and inhaling the disease of the darkest death. In the morning she raced to her parents' room, hoping for her usual morning greeting routine, but they were dead...She cried for the remainder of the die, yelling and screaming, refusing to play with Sam.   That night, she heard it again. "Be careful what you do...God is watching you...I took him instead, but now he's dead. Say goodbye, say goodnight." She swept the duvet off of herself, walking slowly into her brothers room and hesitating every step. Izzy crept through the door, he was dead too; She spent the day in her room and didn't contact the police, night fell again and she tried to restrain herself until her eyes closed. She fell into a deep sleep...Suddenly, her eyes opened and in front of her was Sam, her bright blue eyes staring endlessly into her own. "Be careful what you do...God is watching you...Your time is up, I'd say good luck, but luck's no need for where you continue your deed."   The police found her in a bloody bath, her neck was slit and her hands and feet were cut off. A chain of murders began across the countryside, and if the doll didn't find them, they would be checked off for the Devil to take them personally. However, the doll itself was never found, and it is still looking for it's next victim. That next victim, could be you. As long as your doors are locked and windows are shut, I'm sure you'll never come across it, as long as you remember, once dead they will never come back to life..
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