Chloe is 14 and Callum is 17 they are siblings and have been in care all their life since Chloe was born and their parents gave them up when they were first born. They wait everyday to see if someone has come to adopt them, but no one ever does. But one day a man comes to just take Chloe and forces her to do things that she doesn't want to do. Callum hears about what this man is doing to Chloe, when he turns 18 he leaves the home and goes on a search for Chloe. Will Callum find Chloe in time or will Chloe be forced to do this forever?


7. Zoe...

We was in town for over two hours but I couldn't concentrate as all I could think about was Callum receiving the letter. We arrived back at mr murrays house and as I expected I was shown back to the basement. As usual I sat on the mattress and thought about Callum. 'Once he gets the letter he will save me' I thought to myself.

I was pulled out of my daydream when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. But this time it was double footsteps. Expectedly I thought it was just another stranger but I was surprised when the door swung open and Mr Murray threw a girl into the room. I was shocked. The door quickly locked behind us and the girl and I started to rise simultaneously to our feet. Once we were both standing the girl looked shocked to see me here. Silence passed whilst we looked eachother up and down. After a minute I decided to break it. "Nice to meet you, I'm Chloe." I told her.
"Erm I'm zoe, nice to meet you." Zoe replied.
"We're did you come from? If you don't mind me asking." I asked.
"A foster home in Sheffield." Zoe answered. I took this information in as I started to put two and two together. So Mr Murray must only take girls, from foster homes! Now it started to make sense, I wonder how many girls he had had in this basement before me and zoe, and more importantly if he was going to do the same to zoe were would I go we're it happened? All these thoughts ran wildly through my head until zoe started to speak. "So where are you from?" Zoe asked.
"A foster home in liverpool" I replied, "did the man who brought you in here collect you from your foster home ?"
"No some woman who seemed really nice took me from my little sister and brought me to this house and I don't know why I am here or what is going to happen" zoe answered seeming worried.
"I was took from my brother but I'm hoping he will come and get me soon and as for what happens in here..." I was cut of by the sound of footsteps and a strangers voice and my gut instincts told me that zoe was about to find out why she was here...
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