Chloe is 14 and Callum is 17 they are siblings and have been in care all their life since Chloe was born and their parents gave them up when they were first born. They wait everyday to see if someone has come to adopt them, but no one ever does. But one day a man comes to just take Chloe and forces her to do things that she doesn't want to do. Callum hears about what this man is doing to Chloe, when he turns 18 he leaves the home and goes on a search for Chloe. Will Callum find Chloe in time or will Chloe be forced to do this forever?


4. Well done...

I felt asif i was being stretched and it didnt stop, i lay there dazed and even if i wanted to move i couldnt as the pill i had took before hand had sort of paralysed me. Finally he stopped and pulled himself away from me, he got off the dirty matress and picked up his clothes. I lay,curled up into a ball, on the dirty matress. 'Alan' was stood in front of me putting on his clothes. My sobs filled the silence of the hollow room. "don't ruin the mood, we've just had a food time and now you start crying!" Alan snapped at me.
"I want to go home!" I sobbed. He turned around to look at me and for a quick second I was sure I saw a but of pity for me, in his eyes, but that pity quickly vanished. He dug in his pocket and gave me a £10 note. "For all you troubles" he said.
Our heads both snapped to the door when we heard the lock turn and the door open. Alan gave one last look at me and walked out of the room. My body was still frozen. I just stared, stared at the money and thought of what he had just said to me, so this was what my life was going to be like from now on...
I took the £10 and shoved I underneath the matress.
I could hear mr Murray questioning Alan outside the door. "how was it?" he asked.
"great, especially for her first time, but one problem was that she cried at the end and that made all the fun die!" Alan answered.
"I see well I'm sorry about that I will make sure she knows for the next time, well I will stay down here and if you wouldn't mind please show yourself out and send the next person in please." mr Murray asked. I could hear footsteps so I gathered that Alan was walking up the celar stair case.
"one other thing was that she seemed lifeless, she didn't move at all, and when we have sessions like that you sort of need her to co-operate aswell." Alan said turning back on himself.
"okay thank you." mr Murray said as he came into the room I was in.

"okay I understand that it was your first time and you may not of known what was going on, although you must of had an idea, but firstly NEVER cry after the 'session' as that ruins all of it, and secondly try and move with the man don't just lay there lifeless! I know that the pill I gave you would of stopped you from moving but now it will of worn off so I expect high compliments from the next man to me!" mr Murray gave me a lecture. I didn't know what was worse, either him staring at me whilst I was naked or him giving me rules on what I have to do, I mean I didn't choose to do this in the first place! "so please keep these rules in mind for the next man". He said.
There was another man! Another one straight after! Didn't anyone care that I was tired,hungry or thirsty! I never dared to say this aloud though. Then i looked up and saw the man in the doorway. He was actually good looking, but why would he come here to get something, im sure anyone would want him... Mr murray walked out the door without saying another word and took the £100 off the man. I wonder why he paid double the amount Alan did? "two hours max" mr Murray said. I see this man had double time with me. The man walked in and mr Murray locked the door behind him. "oh good your already naked" the man said as he walked over to me...
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