Chloe is 14 and Callum is 17 they are siblings and have been in care all their life since Chloe was born and their parents gave them up when they were first born. They wait everyday to see if someone has come to adopt them, but no one ever does. But one day a man comes to just take Chloe and forces her to do things that she doesn't want to do. Callum hears about what this man is doing to Chloe, when he turns 18 he leaves the home and goes on a search for Chloe. Will Callum find Chloe in time or will Chloe be forced to do this forever?


2. Introduced?

We was in the car for at least an hour till we arrived at the small hut, in the middle of nowhere, where my new foster parent lived. We never made any conversation in the car, not that we put the effort in anyway. He stopped the car right in front of the door. He jumped out of the car and slammed the car door so hard that it gave me a sense of insecurity. He ran round and pulled my door open he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the car. "Ow your sort of hurting me there let go of me now!" I tired to pull my wrist away but his grip was hard and firm. "I said let go of me!" I screamed at the top of my voice. He let go of my wrist and with no warning at all, turned to face me and gave me a hard slap across my face. "Listen girl, you will do what I say and when I say okay? I don't want any cheek from you, you scruff!" He said to me with that snarl he had given us in the care home which scared the living daylight out of me! He slapped me again. "Do you understand?"
"Yes, yes I understand sir" I replied.
"Good now get your stuff and get in my house!" He told me. I did as I was told scared incase he hit me again. I took my bags out of the car and started to walk into the house. I could feel all the blood starting to rise up in my cheek. It stung so bad! When I reached the front door he told me to follow him, so I did. We went down a huge amount of stairs until we came across a door. "Get in!" He told me. I walked in and he slammed the door behind me and locked it. I looked around and saw nothing but a mattress on the floor with a dirty blanket at the bottom. I fell to my knees and started to cry dramatically. 'Omg what has happened? Why did I leave the home? Why did I leave Callum? Who was that man? What was he going to do to me?' I asked my self all of these questions and started to cry even harder. I curled up into a ball on the mattress and tried hard to fall asleep...
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