Chloe is 14 and Callum is 17 they are siblings and have been in care all their life since Chloe was born and their parents gave them up when they were first born. They wait everyday to see if someone has come to adopt them, but no one ever does. But one day a man comes to just take Chloe and forces her to do things that she doesn't want to do. Callum hears about what this man is doing to Chloe, when he turns 18 he leaves the home and goes on a search for Chloe. Will Callum find Chloe in time or will Chloe be forced to do this forever?


8. Callum receiving the letter...


'Beep beep!' My alarm clock woke me up as it beeped several times. I had the best dream last night, chloe had come home and we were together again and we vowed that we wouldnt leave eachother again.
But I had to remove that thought from my head as it hurt too much to think about her. To distract me I quickly washed and dressed and ran down to breakfast. My stomach growled as I looked at the pancakes with syrup in the centre of the table. I sat down, put 3 pancakes on my plate and began to eat. Jodie one of the staff at the home walked up to me and threw a letter down in front of my nose with a mouthful of pancakes I looked up at her and smiled. Once I'd swallowed the food in my mouth I picked up the letter ran up to my bedroom and split the seal on the envelope. I dug out the letter and began to read it. It was from Chloe.

My heart literally sank as i finished reading the letter and then my body was filled with anger and in rage I punched the walls and trashed my bedroom and I vowed that I will get to Chloe. FAST.
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