Chloe is 14 and Callum is 17 they are siblings and have been in care all their life since Chloe was born and their parents gave them up when they were first born. They wait everyday to see if someone has come to adopt them, but no one ever does. But one day a man comes to just take Chloe and forces her to do things that she doesn't want to do. Callum hears about what this man is doing to Chloe, when he turns 18 he leaves the home and goes on a search for Chloe. Will Callum find Chloe in time or will Chloe be forced to do this forever?


1. Birthday!

"Happy birthday dear Callum, happy birthday to you" we all sang happy birthday to Callum whilst Joanne (our social worker) brought a lit chocolate cake with the number 17 candles on top. I looked over at Callum and underneath the lit candles I could she him smiling, showing all of his teeth. We had a small get together for his party which Callum invited a few of his friends from school to. Our mum and dad never showed up on any of our birthdays, didn't even have the heart to send a card. I was upset for the first few years but I started to get used to it and stop expecting to have a card through the letter box. But Callum has promised me that because he can leave this home next year he will take me with him and we can try and find some of our relatives that we have never met before. I bought Callum another Xbox controller for his birthday, it took me my entire life savings to save up for it though.

It was almost 11 and most of the people had left the party, not that I knew anyone there anyway, I said goodnight to Callum and told him to have a good nights sleep he said the same back and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my forehead. I made my way upstairs and was forced to listen to the music playing downstairs, I couldn't get to sleep at all but I would never go down and tell them to turn it off as I wanted Callum to have a good time and forget all of his worries!

I woke up with a shock because Callum was shaking me so hard. "Ouch Callum what are you doing, let go!" I shouted.
"No Chloe you don't understand! Someone is here to adopt us !" He screamed back at me. My eyes popped open! Omg someone was here to adopt us! This was the best day of my life! Whilst Callum waited outside I got dressed, washed and done my hair. After I was finished I walked out side and me and Callum held hands as we walked down the stairs. We walked into the adoption room together excited to meet our new family but we was both taken back when we saw a middle aged man around 35 sitting in the chair alone. Joanne, our social worker told us to sit down next to her and we did as we were told. "Callum, chloe this is your foster parent, he would like to adopt you!" joanne told us. There was a slight cough from the man. All three of us looked at him as he began to talk, "sorry but there must be some kind of misunderstanding, I came here to just adopt the girl, Chloe." Me and Callum looked at each other startled. And from the corner of my eye I could see that Joanne was shocked too, aswell as embarrassed. "Oh sorry for the confusion mr Murray! Okay so Chloe, this is your new foster parent, you will be leaving today!" Joanne told me. I was shocked ! Did they really think I was going to leave Callum here without me!
"Erm I'm sorry but I can't go without Callum, thanks for the offer though sir but I think I will stay here." I told him sympathetically. I saw his face change into an angry snarl which somehow scared me. Without asking Callum spoke up, "please ignore her sir, she will be going with you today, I think she was just in shock!" The man returned his smile.
"Callum what are you doing ?" I whispered to him.
"Listen Chloe, we have been waiting to get out of here for, I don't know how long! And I won't be the one to stop you from leaving..." He told me.
"But Callum I won't leave without you!" I said.
"I'll be leaving this dump in a year anyway and I promise you I will get the address from Joanne and find you!" He told me again. He literally dragged me out of the room and up the stairs to my own room, he packed all of my things as I sat on my bed and sulked. When he was finished I was forced downstairs and in to the car of the mans. I stepped out again and gave Callum the biggest hug I had ever given anyone. "I will find you, when I can leave this place" he promised me.
"Okay, I believe you, love you call!" I told him as I got into the car.
"Love you too Chloe" he said after me. I put my seat belt on and as we drove away everyone from the home waved to me until I was out of sight however callum ran after me for a while until he couldn't keep going. He took one last look at me and waved goodbye, tears streaming from his eyes like a waterfall. I waved back and turned around in my seat. I started to cry uncontrollably and thought to my self, what had I done?...
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