Klaine - The beginning)

Glee fanfiction.
Det er sådan set bare nogle episoder fra sæson 2 set fra Kurt's synspunkt. Der er ikke noget jeg som sådan selv opdigter, men bare Glee fra Kurt POV :) Skriver bare fordi jeg har lyst, og fordi jeg keder mig. Forventer ikke noget stort...
P/s den er på engelsk!

Kurt is still stuck in Lima at Mckinley High where he and his fellow glee-clubbers is still treated like nothing. They definitley er as low as you van get in the high school food chain. While Karofsky is bullying Kurt and threatning to kill him, Kurt is more lonely than ever. Kurt know that he is the only open gay-kid at his school but that doesn't keep Kurt from dressing exactley as he want or sing songs for girls in glee club. Even though all his friends try to cheer him up it doesn't change the fact that they are all happily in love and Kurt has seemed to have reached the edge of lonelyness. Enjoy!



Denne movella var den gamle udgave af: teenage dream. Fra nu af vil jeg fortsætte denne historie i Teenage dream, men bare rolig de to kapitler her er kopieret over i Teenage dream. Keep reading! <3

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