Speak Now: Sing to me Kas

(One Direction is not famous in this fan fiction) Kasey Charmicheal was best friends with with Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. She has always been in love with Harry, but didn't fully understand until she was away from him for a short period of a few months. A lot can happen in 3 months. Secrets will be revealed, and maybe just maybe, sometimes what you want isn't good for you, but sometimes, you don't know what you want, until you're close to losing it.

(Okay, so I seriously suck at writing about it, but i think its a pretty good one, so I hope you like it!)


1. To get started

(*****A/N-so this is basically just a filler chapter, just to kind of get things started, let you know about each character, how things go started, pretty boring, and probably a little messed up, but I just wanted to explain it. So if I confuse people, let me know and I can take this chapter down, but if its helpful, I'll leave it up!*****)

Kasey has always been friends with Harry, ever since they were kids. Their parents were friends at Uni, so I guess it was just sort of a sure thing. In year 3, Zayn joined them. Niall moved from Ireland and his neighbor was Liam, so they got on pretty well, and joined the trio in year 4. Louis Tomlinson was a few years older then the rest of the group, but he was friends with them all. It was when Kasey was in year 7 that the boys had decided to start a band. They were great! All of their voices meshed so well with each others. Kasey had the honour of being able to name them, she called them One Direction. They boys and Kasey were inseparable. 

They went their whole lives with being by each other's side. As soon as they were done with their GCSE's, they went to Uni together. This was the plan, they would never leave each others side. 

The boys had grown up, and so had Kasey. But that changed nothing. The day day after Uni was over, the boys would be leaving on a trip to the Bahama's, and Kasey would be going to America to spend sometime with her family in Florida. 3 in a half months apart.

It was Kasey who had to do everything while the boys were gone. They all planned on living to together, so Kasey had to choose the flat, get the furniture, and everything else. She was very busy or the next 2 weeks, and although she was very much enjoying some peace and quiet, she missed her boys. She spent every waking moment thinking of each of them. She would have to tell Harry her feelings for him. She never knew they were this strong. But spending some time away from him helped her realize this. She needed to see them. 

But a lot can happen in 3 months. 

Especially if you don't speak now. 


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