War as we don't know it

Might be a bit boring
Not finished


3. War

I am all alone, nobody to comfort me, nobody to hold me and tell me everthing is alright.

I wake up I am lying on the ground, then I remember the men, the knives and the blood, the blood! I started to run up the hill towards Prim's house, but then I stop, somebody is running towards me. It was a girl about my age,  she looked like Prim. I could also see another girl a bit younger than the first behind her. Then I relised the girl ws Prim and the girl behind her was her sister, Mily. Mily was crying and Prim herself had tears in her eyes."They killed our parents!" Prim cried.

"They killed mine too!" I replied, I too was now crying. Then Mily asked the question that we would never forget. The question that we would remember as the begining of an awful adventure."Who are those men?"  

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