War as we don't know it

Might be a bit boring
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2. Devastation

Ok, so D Day stands for Devastation Day, once every 10 years, on the 27th June, three men come from Doniki to avenge the death of a person that died in the war. This will carry on until they have avenged the death of every donikian that died in the war. They aren't being evil, they did a deal with our country (Montil) that we could do the same. It's a grim arangement.

Me and Prim race home. We stop at the corner shop. "If anything happens to your family come straight to my house, vise versa," I almost shout at Prim.

"Ok, good luck,"

"You to,"

I start to run home, by the way the reason we're not worried about each other is the donikians don't take children. I get home and for a second I think I am safe, but then I see it. Three men were standing right next to our house with black uniforms on. They were looking straight at my house laughing at something. I start to run, but then I realise I am too late the men have taken out there knives and are cleaning them they are covered in blood. My parents blood. Everything starts to go blurry then everthing goes black.

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