War as we don't know it

Might be a bit boring
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1. D Day

Tomorrow is Monday. God I hate Mondays! You have a nice weekend with your friends and family and then you have to go to boring, old school. The reason I hate school is because it is full of maths and spanish. When I think about it, it isn't that bad I'm actually very clever (I think). It's just so boring really except from cool stuff like D.T., P.E., ICT and Food tech. So we have established that school isn't that bad.

" Ivy get down here now, you will be late for school!" does mum have to shout so loud. I check the time it's 8:40, flip. I run downstairs, grab a piece of toast, get my planner, books and pencil case, stuff it in my bag and run out the door. I run all the way to school. I get there just in time, I speed down the corridor and into my form room. Phew! Mr Martes gives me a steely glare, but I ignore him and go to sit down next to the most annoying boy ever. He is a complete teacher's pet and loves to talk to "sir" in this really annoying voice that makes me want to scream. The bell goes and everyone runs out the door to their next lessons. I run to spanish and spend the rest day sleeping through all of my lessons.

Me and my best friend Primrose meet by the basketball nets and start to walk home. On the way home we notice that everything seems quieter than usual. We can't work out what's going on, then a have an awful thought. "Prim, what's the date?" I am scared stiff at the thought. "It's the 27th June," Prim replies.

"Oh my god!"

"What is it?"

"D Day!" We both scream.


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