book of horrors

these is a new horror book it may not be scary as you want it to be but it is on english


1. Ghost


a full moon like any other we was going to sleep in an old house it
was said it was hunter but we was not afraid. I realise now we should never have open that door since then we where hunter like the house. We did go to sleep but a laud voice work up us “ohhhhhhhhhhh” it side then we was about to take a tour

nd in the house but then sarah shake and her voice
changed “you are never gonna lave this house alive” she side. And she disappear in the tiny air. “muhahahahahahahahahaha” I look for her and I find a hang body spunky afro If it was dead but
it was alive it came down and attacker me lucky me I have
my arms in cross and that kill it I did go further but I didn't
find her. Then I got a blackout and I can't remember more. From
that night. I work up next day sarah was there again
I believed it was a nightmare we took home. But sarah
was never the same again. Later in life I did go to the
house but it was never there or it but in 1823 it brunt
to the ground.
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