Feel the Fear

When Charlie, Jamie, Michael and Leslie move to Halloesend all seems normal... For a while at least...
Charlie's missing, Jamie can't find his parents and Leslie has made friends with the wrong people but Michael is the one who gets the worst of it.
Will they survive? Or will they become part of the living fear that has taken over their new home?


1. Charlie.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. I could still hear the buzz even though the clock was off, my head was ringing. I slid out of the bed and heaved on some clothes.

Charlie's head was still in sleep mode when she finally arrived at the breakfast table. She sat down and pulled the bowl over to her.

"Morning sugar, how are you?" Her dad strolled into the room. He was wearing a track suit and had a towel in his hand, he was about to go jogging.

"Huh... Morning dad" She yawned and reached for the cereal. Her dad pushed it to her as he walked past and then picked up his water bottle.

"Ahhh. Still in sleep mode are we?" Charlie slowly lifted the milk and began to pour. Once she had finished she nodded and picked up her spoon.

"I can't help it if Jamie was texting me all night" She continued eating. Her dad looked a little annoyed.

"You need to stay away from him if he is going to get you into trouble! Please Charlie. What would your mother have said?" by now Charlie had finished her cereal. She stood up and silently took the bowl and spoon and put them in the wash.

"Charlie! Don't ignore me young lady. What would your mother say?" He was angry. Charlie knew this was because he didn't like to talk about mother but when he did, he didn't stop until he had proved his point.

"I dunno"  She shrugged and walked towards the door. Her father calmed his posture and took a deep breath.

"Look, Charlie I know I get angry and say silly things but that doesn't mean you can be rude or badly behaved. Okay?"

"Yes dad. I understand" With that she stepped out into the fresh air. Her father followed close behind.

"You going to run with me today?" He was stretching. She bounced towards the shed.

"No, sorry dad. I promised I would meet Jamie and Leslie on my bike." She unlocked the shed and pulled out her BMX. She locked the shed up again. She wheeled the bike down the hill and then climbed on.

"What about Michael?" Her dad knew she wouldn't have forgotten her own boyfriend.

"Yeah. What about Michael... He is already at school, he text me to tell me that earlier" She smiled and then cycled off towards the school. Little did she know this was her last day in Paratornal High and her last day in the town of Prelance.

Welcome To Paratornal High

This is what it said outside Charlie's school when she arrived. It's the same message she had read for about four years while attending this school.

She was with Leslie Jetersen and Jamie Larnce. They locked up their bikes and walked towards the library, which was a block away. They finally arrived and booked in with the library staff. Michael was stood at the thriller/horror isle, that's where they always met in the library, and that's only because of the amazing books in that isle.

"Hey there guys" He was wearing Charlies favorite outfit and an old trilby she had bought him. She hugged him and then fell into one of the comfy beanbags near her favorite books. This was her favorite seat and no one ever sat there except her.

"Hi Michael. How long you been here?" Jamie was always amazed how early Michael got up just to go to the library. He also fell into a beanbag.

"A few minutes really" Micheal sat on the beanbag next to Charlie. Leslie sat on the floor infront of Jamie and leaned on him.

"You always get here really early though. Do you even leave the school grounds on an evening?" Michael just looked at her. Charlie shook her head and Jamie struggled to keep himself from laughing. "What? Guys what did I say?" Leslie looked honestly upset. Charlie put her hand on Leslies shoulder.

"You didn't do anything" Charlie smiled at her but Leslie wasn't convinced.

"Yeah Charlies right. You didn't DO anything" Jamie couldn't help but laugh at Michaels comment. Charlie punched Michael in the arm.

"Don't be mean Michael, just 'cause she isn't as smart as you doesn't mean you can take the micky" The boys stopped laughing and Michael nodded. Jamie giggled again and Leslie turned and hit him.

"Leave me alone!" She got up and walked to the other end of the isle then sat down on a bench with her head in her hands.

"Now look what you guys did!" Charlie looked really angry with the boys now and she got up and followed Leslie and sat with her. "You ok leslie?" Leslie looked up with tears in her eyes.

"They hate me don't they?" She sniffed. Charlie shook her head.

"No they don't they're just being boys. They don't mean to upset you" She looked back at the boys who were messing around. " I mean just look at them. they're stupid" They both started to giggle and Leslie nodded.

"Yes... I guess you're right" they got up and went back over to the boys.

"Boys!" Michael and Jamie stopped and looked at Charlie. "What do you say to Leslie?" They looked at each other and shrugged. "You appologise... NOW!" Charlie was obviously angry.

"Sorry Leslie" Michael looked at Jamie. Jamie shrugged.

"Yeah soz Leslie" Jamie looked a little shaken by how Charlie had acted over the whole thing. 

"Much better" Charlie was smiling now. Michael got up and yanked Jamie to his feet.

"C'mon we're gonna be late for first lesson" He put his arm round Charlie and they all began to walk to their lesson.

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