The Beauty of Blood

In the future, when you become a young adult at the age of 15 and supernatural creatures roam the world, is a company called PAZE. PAZE is a company meant for capturing both good and bad supernatural creatures. They test and torture as if the creatures are nothing but mud on the bottom of their boots. They also have their own little army. The Head Master is Payze, named after the company. He is best 'friends' with the Prime Ruler.
Some will fight for PAZE, others against it.
Who's side will you take?
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1. To Kill a Brother-The Birth of Death


Part One- To Kill a Brother "You would never shoot a brother... Would you Shawn...?" Cackled a dark voice as Shawn held a pistol to the man's head. "You were always a... family man..." Shawn had dark brown hair that was almost a black, with deep green eyes that seemed to search your soul. Shawn remained silent, his brother had no fear on his face, only a smirk that sent shivers down his spine. The brother had crystal ice eyes and the same hair. One could easily mistake the two for the other if it wasn't for the eyes. 
Shawn knew that he had to. He had to kill his own brother. But... could he? If he didn't, he'd be labelled a traitor and coward. He'd be stripped of the rank he worked his arse off for, and the life he struggled to maintain. But to kill a brother, to be burdened with being the killer of your own flesh and blood. Literally his other half, they were twins. He was the older sibling by a minute or so. 
"It's time for you to choose Shawn... your job or your blood... So what will it be?"
Shawn growled "Viren, may God have mercy on your soul..." He pulled the trigger, firing a silver bullet into what seemed to be himself as his brother collapsed to the ground...   Part Two- The Birth of Death A scream echoed through the halls as the building shook. "Shawn! The floor is falling!" Yelled another soldier by the name of Don. Shawn ran forth and helped his gun brothers into a dark room as the hallway's floor began to sink down. "This girl must be having a hard time eh Shawn?" Shawn nodded to the gun brother, he hasn't spoken ever since they heard the first scream. He knew what they were going to see, and he wasn't very excited about it.
Another scream pierced through their ears as they entered another hallway, the screams getting louder. They all knew what was ahead, their mission was more important than the 'assassination' of Viren. For this mission bore not only the fate of the world, but a powerful research weapon as well. 
They slowly approached the door, Shawn's face expressionless. "Shawn, I believe you deserve the honors..." Said Faren, another man in Shawn's squad. Shawn nodded and opened the door with care. A woman lay across the floor, her stomach looked as if someone stuck a ball up her shirt. She writhed in pain as the men watched. "What do we do now?" Asked Faren curiously, "medic, help her." ordered Shawn coldly. The medic was a tiny blonde woman by the name of Ember, appropriately named for her eyes that were brown with a hint of orange.
Ember went to work in helping the woman give birth, she showed no sign of hesitation or fear. And with time, the woman gave birth to a child so tiny you could hold her with one hand and hair long enough to make a tiny braid. Her eyes remained closed, but she still made noise. "Shawn, come hold your sister."
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