I'm Just Average.. But could it be love?

Allie's your average girl, Well until she transfer's to the same highschool Liam Payne goes too. When Allie bumps into Liam and they look into eachother's eyes. Could it be love?


2. The School

Well.. ok I guess I'm not gonna win this one and I have to suck it up and just suffer through the rest of the year. Maybe mom will stay there a week and want to move back or she'll let me graduate at my current highschool with all my friends. All I can do is hope. So if I'm actually doing this.. My mom interupts my thought as she walks in without knocking (Of course) "Allie if you want to look up your new school it's Banbury Academy in Oxfordshire." She said. "Alright mom" I replied wishing she'd go away before she ruins anything else. So we're moving from Luton too Oxfordshire. Couldn't be that bad.. So I did what my mom told me too (There's a shocker for ya) I pulled out my MacBook and googled the school *Banbury Academy -Oxfordshire, England* pressed search and clicked on the link to the school website. So it's quite big.. well bigger than I'm used to anyways. My school is Luton is a fair size but not as big as this one. I quickly grabbed my Blackberry and texted my friends "Help! Moving right away.. All the way to Oxfordshire.. This sucks.. :( Gonna miss you guys so much". I typed and pressed sent while a tear rolled down my cheek. Soon enough I recieved a few texts back like: "NOO! We're gonna miss you. or "How could your mom do that``Etc. Went on for a while but then I needed to get some rest. ``Night guys`` and I set my Macbook and my Blackberry on my  desk. Threw some Pjs on and layed down slowly falling asleep.

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