I'm Just Average.. But could it be love?

Allie's your average girl, Well until she transfer's to the same highschool Liam Payne goes too. When Allie bumps into Liam and they look into eachother's eyes. Could it be love?


3. Moving Day

The day has come. It's time to move to Oxfordshire, Go to an entirely new school. Worst of all I don`t know anyone there. What am I gonna do. Then mom`s voice came into my room. Now I know I really have to go. Damn it. "Allie, dear!!! It's time to go!!" She yelled excitely. Why is she excited that's she's ruining my life. I don't know. Mom's I guess. "Okay mom I'll be down in a minute" I sighed. I grabbed the rest of my bags and walked downstairs. There was mom at the end of the staircase waiting for me. As soon as I got down she grabbed my bags and ran to the car. "Well I guess this is it" as a tear fell from my eye while I got into the car.
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