I'm Just Average.. But could it be love?

Allie's your average girl, Well until she transfer's to the same highschool Liam Payne goes too. When Allie bumps into Liam and they look into eachother's eyes. Could it be love?


1. The Big News

I'm Allie. Average girl. 17 years old about to graduate. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Not  tall but 5'4. It was about the middle of February. An Average Day.. Well until..


My mom stormed into my room. (Always does) But hey, at least this time she was happy and not about to yell at me for hours on end. "Allie I have something to tell you" She mumbled. "Yes mom?" Trying to act like I'm interested. "We're moving and your transferring highschools" Then.. I thought how could she do this to me? And my grad year too... What about all my friends? I don't have a boyfriend so I guess it's a little okay.. "Mom!! How could you do this to me?! Somedays I swear your trying to ruin my life! Ugh!" I yelled as I pushed her out of my room and slammed the door behind her. I fell to my bed in tears.. Why did she have to do this too me?

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