A Thousand Years

When Sapphire and Mia attend a new school in Forks her paicence pays of as she meets a dark mysterious vampire called Damon but there is rivalry between a handsome Edward Cullen . Who is her longed for soul mate , Which love is meant to be.

A twilight and vampire diaries fan fiction .


7. why?

Instead of going back to mine I go to see Carlisle. I park my car outside I see Esme look out the window. I walk up to the front door and she opens it to greet me.
"Sappy " she says.
'Hey Esme' I smile warmly at her.
We walk into the living area, Alicw turns to look at me.
" What did you do to Edward ? " She asks then adds " he seemed really ticked off , you know" she smiled, Esme is waiting for my reply.

' I didn't do anything to him it was just a misunderstanding. '
" You know he has feelings for you "
' Yes as I said it was a misunderstanding Damon is from my past a Ex of mine hes nothing to me now , he kissed me ' I reassure her.
" I know "she beams.

' He has feelings for me ? , what type of feelings ?' I ask them both, I am now very curious.
" Sapphire Rose you know he does "Esme scolds
' Ok , I may know a little '
"Do you feel the same way?" Alice asks.
' I dont know what I feel' I say , I frown. I think for a second 'I tried to explain to him how dangerous I am but he just,won't,listen '
"Edward never does , this is the first time in 280 years that I have see Edward feel sexually attracted to a woman " Esme says.
'Sexually attracted?' I raise my eyebrows.
" Well you know I have caught him looking you upp and down a few times".

Just then Carlisle's car pulled up outside. He looked annoyed, I search his mind and find what's bugging him.
Carlisle was at work when a check up came in. He listed to the heart beat and opened his brief to get the injection. But instead of his medical supply his brief case was full of strawberry flavoured condoms. He could only make out the words " be safe" dying of embarrassment.

I find this amusing. Emmett walks throw the door assessing Carlisle mood then falls into a fit of booming laughter. Edward walks. In behind glaring at me he signals for me to go out the back door with him. I follow behind till we are at the meadow.
He stops and turns to look at me.

He looks at he the pulls me into a embrace his lips searching for mine.
It is quick and urgent. I kiss him back. He pulls away to look at me.
" Good or bad" he asks.
' Good '.I insist.
" Do you know my emotions for you how I fell about you miss Mikealson " Edward brushes my curls from my face and lightly kisses my lips again, and again .
' Yes , I fell the same ' I say kissing him again.
"Then why Damon ". He kisses he and pulls me into the long soft grass.
' Hes from my past that's all ' I say as his lips find mine again.
" I truly love you " he says before kissing me again.
I kiss him and roll over till I am leaning over him.

' I feel the same but I'm not right for you Edward , I'm , I'm , evil and manipulative and selfish and well your , well your you ' I say and quickly kiss him to stop him from replying.
" I don't think so I think your perfect for me " he kisses me.
' I think there is to many differences Edward , can you see have dangerous I am '
" You dangerous you couldn't hurt a fly ". Edward snorts.
' Really I could kill you if I wanted to ' I smile at him. ' We gotta start getting back Alice is going to come looking for us in five minuets '

He stands up and pulls me up with him.
" I'll race you " he insists " ready , steady ,got ".
We run through the forest I note edward is miles behind. I bound over the river and wait for Edward I see him bound over the river and I run the last mile with him matching his strides.
I beat him by seconds.
" You let me catch up" he chuckles.
' Im sorry I am faster than you , I just wanted a little competition ' I pout.
" Oww miss Mikealson " he pulls me into a hug and kisses me. I note from the corner of my eye Alice , Carlisle , emmett and Jasper are glazing at me.
I fell my cheeks heat.
" Nice tattoo " Edward whispers in my ear.
' Stop looking ' I hiss.
" What was so wrong about a pretty blue rose above you-" he stops mid sentence. I have my finger placed over his lips.
' Shut up ' I scold.

My phone rings ,
' Hello?'
" Hello Sapphire " a males voice comes from down the phone.
' Stefan? ' I ask
" So you do remember me "
' Why are you calling ?'
" I just wanted to talk to you and tell you Nicklaus is on his way, you don't have to thank me"the line goes dead.
' Shit! ' I mutter.
I kiss Edward fiercely.
' I have to go '
" What do you mean when will you come back " Edward I don't know it took me 300 years last time this time possibly long. I can't talk I love you , and that's why I have to leave you '.
Edward is froze to the spot.
I run to Carlisle , he wraps me into a hug.
" Please call me to let me know your still alive every now and again " he smiles and kisses me on the lips.
I take of a ruby pendant from my chain.
' This will protect you ' I say kissing the jewl till it grows a bright red.
I turn to Edward.
' I told you I'm dangerous and this is me proving it , I have to erase myself from your thoughts you will follow me and you will get killed. I'm sorry ' I blow him a kiss and take his face between my hands and compelle him to forget me. I say goodbye to everyone quickly reminding Carlisle to get rid of my scent.

I flee though the forest at top speed I don't go back to the house to get anything I just run. All I can think about is Edward and for some reason Damon. I have let myself get attached I am so stupid for thinking I can love when I'm always on the run.
I danish the thought and run fast I have to get out of here to protect the ones I love.
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