A Thousand Years

When Sapphire and Mia attend a new school in Forks her paicence pays of as she meets a dark mysterious vampire called Damon but there is rivalry between a handsome Edward Cullen . Who is her longed for soul mate , Which love is meant to be.

A twilight and vampire diaries fan fiction .


2. Hello sexy strangers

as i enter the kitchen I was faced with two male vampires. One had blond hair whith twists of bronze , he other caught Sapphires eye he was kore beautiful he was tall dark and handsome . He had black hair and stunning turquoise eyes.
They both turned to stare at me .
" Katherine " whispered the sexy stranger with black hair.
Ma walked over to the blonde that I didn't find that attractive .
" Damon , Stefan this if my cousin Sapphire , she's a dopplegannger hybrid and Klaus's daughter". She smiled at me
" Sapphire ths is my boyfriend Stefan and his brother Damon " Mia explained as she introduced me to each of the strangers .
I glared at her . Minutes passed, the atmosphere in the room was still , nobody breathed . I thought about it for a while .
' ok ' I finally said ' I can live with that' I smiled and walked out the room I walked up the grand staircase that lead to my room.

' Mia Flora Michelson !!!! ' I shouted from the top of my voice. In my room I found my glass piano in pieces on the floor . Mia zoomed up the stairs Stefan at her side Damon lingered in the back.
I grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the wall .
' What. Did . You . Do ' I demanded throw my clenched teeth.

" nothing , I did nothing it . It was Damon " she chocked out the words. I let her go , she fell to the floor.
I was in Damons face . We were so close he could of kissed me and there could of been nothing I could if done.
He looked down deep into my eyes ,
' your lucky I like you . Otherwise you would have a stake throw your heart by now . He smurcked and I flashed my teeth I walked into my room got changed and whent to bed early.

Damon was there he wrapped his arm around my waist and we were dancing through a magical forest , he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine it was slow but had the passion to set the forest on fire . That was the first night I dreamed of Damon Salvatore .
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