A Thousand Years

When Sapphire and Mia attend a new school in Forks her paicence pays of as she meets a dark mysterious vampire called Damon but there is rivalry between a handsome Edward Cullen . Who is her longed for soul mate , Which love is meant to be.

A twilight and vampire diaries fan fiction .


4. Edward

I walked along the hall and out to the gymnasium . I watched the head cheerleader . She looked at me , she smiled and ran over to me .
" Sappy my buttercup , how are you " she asked
' hello aunt Rebekah , I'm fine and how many times have I told you not to call me that." I replied .
She laughed and smiled at me . " oww it looks like you have got a stalker , and a hot one at that" I want to turn to look but Rebekah held me still
"don't look it would make obvious " she laughed
' who is he 'I asked
" omg , Edward Cullen , meow , how did you get that on Sappy " she smiled .I bit my lip and shrugged .

I walked over to Mia , brushing against Edward as I walked past him . He smiled at he and followed me .
I reached Mia , she handed me my history project on the 1630. I lent it to her this morning after all she wasn't around back then.
She looked back at the beautiful Edward Cullen who was waking in my direction. Mia winked as I walked of into the forest with a mysterious Edward Cullen following behind.

I walked through the trees deep into the forest. I didn't look back to see if he was still following , I knew he would.
I reached the heart of the forest nobody would be this far from the trails.
I turned around to look at Edward. His head was full of questions.
" Who are you "he asked then slowly added " what are you ".
I smiled at him and looked him up and down.
'I would ask you the same question if I didn't already know'.
" What are you talking about " he demanded.
' Ok let's just say I'm the same as you but a little different , Vampire ' I replied smiling smugly at him.

" Hello Emmett " I called. Edward looked towards the trees were his brother appeared from the mist.
Emmett looked me up and down and steeped closer to me.
I thought back a hiss.
" Who are you " he smiled and asked warmly , not demanding to know my name like Edward.
I smiled back at him,
' I'm Sapphire Rose Mikealson ' I held. my hand out to shake him.
" Emmett " he said introducing his self " sorry my brother can be rude as you might have noticed " he laughed. And I laughed with him.

I tilted my head up as a question came into his head.
' I'm warm because I'm a different breed of vampire. , I'm a hybrid I'm also a witch and werewolf. ' I smiled at him.
"You can read minds " he smiled and laughed " your awesome " he scooped me of my feet and span me around.

" Have you ever come across my family's name , Cullen " he asked.
' Carlisle ' I said.
" Yeah he is my dad. " He grinned.
' Emmett '
" Yes "
' Carlisle can't know I'm alive '
" Why "
' Because its safer for him and your family to stay away from my family. The original family. Carlisle thinks I'm dead for a reason. He is the only father I have ever known and I don't want him hurt Emmett ' I said.
He nodded his head and looked over his shoulder to Edward.

Edward sighed " I'm sorry I was rude to you Sapphire , I just wanted to know if you was safe to the town and hopefully now we could become friends. " He smiled a heartbreaking crooked smile.
' Its ok I forgive you ' I said and smiled back.

Me Emmett and Edward ran back to school. Me and Edward walked slowly through the car park.
" So your one of the oldest vampires in the history of time and my sister. When did you last see Carlisle"
' Yeah I know its kinda strange , I wasn't with Carlisle when you was turned in fact I only found out he had a family when I saw your crest. I'm happy for him I truly am. Last time I saw him he turned his wife . I found her on that cliff I knew she would be Carlisle's mate ,that she would make him happy that's why I saved her . You see like Alice I can see the future but my. Visions are not subjected I see what must happen and what will ' I said he stopped to look at me.

He pulled his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead.

" Please come see Carlisle again I'm sure he would be happy to see you "
' Edward I'm not sure I told you I'm dangerous '
" Please look he's guna find out your alive any way so what's stopping me or Emmett telling him we found you "
' You wouldn't '
" Oww I would " he then sprinted of north towards the cullen house.
' Edward! ' I called out. I sighed and ran after him.
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