A Thousand Years

When Sapphire and Mia attend a new school in Forks her paicence pays of as she meets a dark mysterious vampire called Damon but there is rivalry between a handsome Edward Cullen . Who is her longed for soul mate , Which love is meant to be.

A twilight and vampire diaries fan fiction .


8. caught and loved

The rain pours down , its harder to cover my scent. The sweet smell of rose which is my scent sticks to the ground.
I run till I come to a mansion. The salvatore mansion. I haven't been here before , but I feel I have.
I knock on the floor. My clothes are wet and my curls have come out so my wet hair drops to my knees.
Stefan answers the door he looks at me. His mouth opens up into an O.
' Is Damon in ' I ask.
" Sure come in , please " he invites me in. He disappears and comes back with a blanket, He drapes it over my shoulders. " Your freezing" he say as he brushes the hair out of my face.

I look up into his eyes there warm and soft. I glance over his shoulders, Damons leaning in the door way.
"Sapphire ". He smiles at me.
' Damon I have to know . Being in forks I have had flash back. Flash back of you. I need to know, who are you ? ' I ask.
Damon strides over to me .
" Are you sure you want to know ?"He cups my in his hands.
He leans down and kisses me , slowly. My head is full of memories.

I and Damon onto of the eiffel tower , in his bedroom , in London , at the cinemas and the last on shock me.
Watching the sun set in Damons eyes, Damon on one knee asking me to marry him. His words come back to me “I love you forever and always I am nothing without you , marry me. ”

When Damon pulls back he looks down into my eyes. I wrap my arms around him pull him back to me , Kissing him.
When we release each other to look into each others eyes .
" You said yes " Damon whispers.
' I know ' I whisper back.
" Do you still love me? "
'I don't know ' I whisper and look down. I step back aware Stefan is watching.
' Do you still love me ? ' I ask. Damon hesitates. ' Theres someone else you love more than me now Damon. I know there is ' I take his hands of my face and hold them.

"Hey Damon where did you disappear to" a cheerful girls voice echoes throw the corridor, I know this voice very well this voice belongs to me.
The doppleganger walks into the hall way and she freezes when her eyes lock with mine.
"Katherine?" She asks.
I smile at her.
' I'm not Katherine , sorry you must be Elena Damon's girlfriend '
She laughs at me ,
" I'm not his girlfriend I'm his finance" she says.

The word finance crushes me I feel my heart breaking all over again.
I turn to look at Damon who is staring down at me. I snatch my hands away from him.
' Well I guess your going to want this back ' I hold my hand and slip my engagement ring off forcing it into Damon's hand. I become aware of the tears rolling down my cheeks.

" Who are you?" Elena asks.
' I'm Sapphire Rose Klaus Mikealson, I'm Klaus daughter and I was Damons finance ' I growl at her and leave before she can blink.

I run about 18 miles through the forest and trip. I curl into a ball felling so weak to stand and cry. I cry away the pain , the hurt , the suffering and the love.
I know in my heart Damon will never love me again.

" What's my beautiful little girl doing out her crying " a deep male voice asks.
The voice alarms me and petrifies me so much unconsciousness hits me .

The Next Morning

I wake in a bright room the walls floor and furniture are all white.

"You cry in your voice " informs a male voice.
I turn my head to see Klaus sitting in an armchair next to me.

' Where am I ' I ask.

" Your room " Klaus answers.

' This is not my room '.

" This is your room in my house ".

' Why are you being nice to me? '

" Because your my daughter the only one I got "
I shake my head and a giggle escapes my lips.

' What do you want from me? '

Klaus stops to think for a minute to think.
" I want to look after you , I want to be there for you ".
I look into Klaus eyes and realise he means it.

' Why should I trust you? ' I ask.

" Because I want to love you , iv never been there for you and I want to be ".
He pauses. " Please give me one day , I only ask one day for me to get to know you. " He waits for my reply.

' One day ' I agree , I sigh ' and if I realise I want to know you and want to stay with you? '

Klaus gestures to the room " this is your room , do with it as you wish. ". He walks over to the door. " Ow I brought you a few things in your wardrobe " he smiles and leaves me.

I sigh and get up. I realise I'm in white silk trousers and a white tightly fitted tank top. I imagine Klaus dressing me an shiver.
I walk over to the wardrobe and open it. Ow my a few things, Klaus has brought me a whole new wardrobe.

I pull out a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue and white striped top and striking red heels. I get dressed and take my mothers necklace from the bedside table.
The starlets match my heels I pull on a suit jacket from the back of the door.
I find my phone also on the side with my purse and bag.
I take the hair brush and makeup from my bag and walk over to the large mirror to brush my hair and do my make up.

Three minuets later I'm ready to go down stairs. I take a deep breath an walk down a staircase. That leads into a large room.

" I don't get it NiKlaus who is she " a male asks. " Mother says she saw you come in at eleven with a girl and at twelve with shopping bags. "

" Trust me on this Finn , she's not dangerous. "Klaus says.

' I Can be dangerous ' I say he looks up and smiles at me.

" Katherine " hisses Finn. I giggle

Elijah pokes his head around the door.
" Sapphire " he runs over to me and scoops me up spinning me around in a circle then placing me back on my feet. He kisses my cheek " its so good to see you again"

' You to Elijah its been to long ' I hug him.

" You to know each other already " Klaus asks.

" Klaus you don't know how much your daughter her is like you " Elijah smiles. Finn gasps and I blush.

" I don't know she was Evil like me " Nick smiles at me.

" Ow she's evil alright " Elijah mock punches my shoulder.

Kol walks in ,
"Sapphire I thought I heard your voice "

' Hey Kol ' I hug him.

" Sapphire do you want to talk some where. ? " Klaus smiles.

' Sure I know just the place. '.

Half an hour later we are at a medow. Edward's and my medow.
I sit on the flowers and Klaus sits beside me.

' Why did you kill my mother? '

" What?! " Klaus frowns.

' You know what I'm talking about Nik'

"Sappy I loved your mother I didn't kill her "

' Klaus I was there when you killed her I was six , I saw you drain the life out of her ' I look at Nik who has turned to look at me. He puts his hands either side of my face.

" I promise you I didn't kill your mother " Klaus says. I look into his eyes and they hold nothing but the truth.

' Believe you ' I whisper.

" Is that why you ran "

' Yes'

Nik leans down and kisses me.
" I only ever wanted to love you , be a good father to you ".

' I know that now ' I smile up at him.
'But now we have a problem '

" And what would that be Sappy ? ".

' If you didn't kill my mother then who did ? '. I look up at Nick and smile.

Back at the house I walk along the corridor and into my room shutting the door behind me .
I gasp Stefan is sitting in the arm chair where NiKlaus sat this morning.

' Stefan what ...'

"I wanted to see you " he smiles at he and stands and walks over to me. " Are you ok "

' Yes ' I smile at him.

" Then that's all I need to know , I will be going ". He smiles and pushes me against the wall his lips are on mine. His kiss if slow and soft but with so much passion.

I realise then Stefan was there for me, He helped me, Loved me and cherished me and he still does.
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