A Thousand Years

When Sapphire and Mia attend a new school in Forks her paicence pays of as she meets a dark mysterious vampire called Damon but there is rivalry between a handsome Edward Cullen . Who is her longed for soul mate , Which love is meant to be.

A twilight and vampire diaries fan fiction .


5. Carlisle

' Edward ' I hissed ' I don't want to hurt you so please stop ' I said.
"If you can catch me " he laughed.
I zoomed in front of him and grabbed his neck , he smirked and laughed.
I slowly turned around to see the big house settled in the middle of no were.
I listen ,
" Esme did you wash my shirt I can't find it " his voice was warm friendly the velvet tone sent memories into my head. The day I meet him.

I smiled ,
' Carlisle ' I smiled unable to contain the happiness in my voice as it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
There was silence in the house apart from the ticking of a clock.

Edward pulled his arm around my waist.
' Please remove your arm before I break it ' I threatened. He removed it and placed it back seconds later.
I felt the presence of Carlisle in the trees observing me closely.
I looked up at Edward.
" Carlisle Esme please come I want you to meet someone , please " Edward called out.
Just then there was a wonderful brunette in front of me.

' Hello Esme ' I said. Her eyes widened. She saw a human memory it was me dragging her from the sea.
" Carlisle " she nearly shouted the panic in her voice was visible.
He was then in front of Esme in a protective crouch his fangs bared.
This was the type of behaviour I expected , he defending his mate. I smile at him

I stepped closer and sing a soft italian lullaby.
' Sole va giù e noi siamo qui insieme, Fuoco vola come un migliaio di fascino,
Resta con me e si può sognare per sempre,
Stasera Proprio qui tra le mie braccia'

His posture relaxes as he listens to my lullaby. He smiled and ran over to me hugging me fiercely. Esme watched from a distance as carlisle scoops me up into his arms, he spins me into a small circle and then kissed my cheek.
I smile at him when I'm back on my feet. We look over to Esme.
"I Remember you " she said her mind was surrounded with questions. That she wanted me to answer.
I turned back to Carlisle.
" Your meant to be dead omg " he said hugging me. " I watched you die in front of me "he snarled .
' I know ' I muttered back ' I was trying to protect you and if you thinking I'm dead is what I had to do I did it to protect you from Klaus , I promised myself I wouldn't of interfered but Edward was going to tell you any way. I thought about compelling him to not tell but I can't ' I smiled as he kissed my cheek again.

" Why can't you compel him ? " Carlisle asked.
' Well these powers you get they need , energy let's call it , and you only get energy from human blood but '
" But you don't drink blood " he finishes my sentence.

Esme still stood away from me , I smile at her .
" Why did you save me ? " She asked.
' I had to for Carlisle I saw you futures were linked and you would be his mate. I wanted to make him happy ' I smiled at her.
She slowly walked towards me and stood beside Carlisle , he wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her head.
" Ow Sapphire rose klaus mikealson , my daughter " Carlisle he said softly he hugged.

" Sapphire!!! " Somebody called from the forest. I looked up to see a wolf form Seth.
' Hey Seth ' I say I kiss the end of his nose lightly and brush the fur on his head through with hands my.
' I gotta go ' I say I hug Carlisle and turn to Edward.
' And the next time you interfere with my business I will kill you , things happen for a reason ' I say before walking away.

Seth walks beside me. I take a run up and phase into a fluffy white wolf.
My blue eyes locked with Seths. I turn back to look at the shock on Edwards beautiful face , I giggle to my self.
Laters baby. I think to Edward the corners of his mouth turn up into a smile as I leave.
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