I hope this is a scary story.


1. Lay by

James raced down the fast lane of the M1, his heart raced as fast as his truck; he had to find a place to stay. The juggernaut turned off the junction and came to a sudden halt in one of the long bays. Air rocketed out of the brakes with such force they snorted like a living metallic dragon. James sighed but looked around him; sweat cascaded down his face like a waterfall as he scanned the landscape. The nightmare was here and he couldn’t do a thing.  Somehow he had he escaped what he had seen the day before on his way to Birmingham late last night with a full load in the back. He got out of the cab and scanned the area of the service station. He began to get nervous as he looked around him. He had to get inside, and almost ran into the large friendly modern restaurant and mall attached to it. His face was now gaunt, he hadn’t slept; he couldn’t. The thing etched itself into his mind; he couldn’t get it out of his thoughts. The coffee steamed in front of him, its aroma filled his nose and began to waken him slightly. He shivered like someone had walked over his grave; his fingers began to shake with the fear deep within him. His eyes were glazed with the emptiness of sleep.  Suddenly his head began to fall slowly to the table followed by his upper body like he was in very slow motion in a blockbuster movie. He fell into a deep sleep with his arms crossed and holding his head. 


“Ok, Taff,” said Mike the depot manager of the giant computer controlled warehouse in the bright morning sunshine. James sighed getting used to the Welsh jokes, all he because he came from Cardiff. The load almost filled the whole of the trailer. It was full of stuff for the ‘Xpress’ in New Street. James gave a thumb’s up from the cab and the truck slowly moved from its parking space. The run was quite normal really, it was getting a bit late; but he could always stop at service station over night or a near by lay by, which he had done on many occasions. It was a long journey from Dover though since the Birmingham branch had ran out of quite a few items. James concentrated on the motorway, watching his speed and the ever changing motorway lights. It was getting very dark and his tachograph showed that he had to stop for the night. Suddenly a well lit lay by came into view, he sighed as a single empty space locked into his eyes with relief, there was just one more lorry parked there beneath a lonely street lamp which had flickered into life. The juggernaut gasped in relief at stopping and a nights rest. James suddenly awoke with the sound of slight screeching metal on metal. Midnight in bright crimson numbers emblazoned in the darkness like the eyes of a mechanical owl from the cabin’s internal digital clock. He got up from his cab bed and looked out, his jaw dropped in disbelief. He blinked trying to awaken at this sight. Was he dreaming as the single street lamp began to move, the sleeping driver and lorry had no idea. The lamp head moved slowly around at the transfixed lorry frozen by some uncanny force. Suddenly the body of the lamp changed to a twisting turning metallic snake. It slowly fell to the ground turning like an alien rattle and coiled itself around its prey like a boa constrictor. Suddenly alien rings of emerald light danced around the truck. Its light blinked and flickered like Morse, its golden light pulsed to an emerald hue with fangs of light materializing at the end of the lamp as it struck the cabin. The lorry vanished slowly and a without sound fading like a ghost as it absorbed its prey. Suddenly the alien snake stopped and full of its latest sleeping prey, it seemed to sense a presence and turned to the juggernaut and the watching eyes. The head and body rose into the air and ready to strike with its fangs glistening in the bright full moonlight rising to its full height. James turned the engine key and almost dropped it into the dark cabin, it coughed in the intense cold night; steam rose from the radiator as it was alive, he tried again as the right wing mirror vanished with an invisible beam. The engine coughed, and then roared into life. James looked up to see the head looking directly at the cabin; James turned the wheel and raced towards the snake as the juggernaut roared; it was his only hope.

The lorry crashed into the beast as it began to wrap itself around the whole of the lorry, its length was astronomical. Its head smashed itself against the cabin, sparks of metal danced in every direction like a spinning cutter. James pushed the juggernaut as hard as he could try to free himself from this alien snake. Bands of metal bounced and shattered around him. The juggernaut stopped with a grunt of anger a few metres away from the beast of Dark Lane. Taffy gasped at the broken alien pieces strune across the country lane. He sighed, was it over? Suddenly pieces began to move by themselves rejoining itself together bit by bit, it rose into the air again ready to strike and totally free from its base. It loomed over the juggernaut; and began to blink, its throbbing pulsing sound raced from its alien heart. James hit the accelerator with all his might, the truck lurched as full power raced through its engine. Its prey was in its sight. Suddenly it sent of a scream of ultra-sonic-sound, a shockwave exploded around him as small forest of trees in the near by farm into flakes of wooden snow raining down as its head and body bounced off the cabin. James stopped the lorry and with legs like jelly, opened the door slowly and walked behind the truck. The beast lay in pieces, its light was out, it seemed to be dead, but was it. He raced to his load and pressed the accelerator. James began to sweat; he knew more lamps were ahead, he scanned everyone for that single throbbing light. A single lamplight stood in the lonely lay by, flickering slightly with a sort of throbbing hum. The End.

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