As Long As You Love Me

can lilly go past her dad's word to be with the one she loves?
_as long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke as long as you love me i'll be your platnium i'll be your silver i'll be your gold_


2. you don't know us

Justin's POV

i text Lily telling her that i was outside her house so we could go to the movies so I waited outside for her by my car ( a.k.a Fisker Karma) but instead of seeing Lily coming, I saw her dad walking twoards me with his sun shade on.

"listen kid, my daughter is everything she needs me as much as i need her. but that means someday I have to let her go"

i turned my head away from him and clenched my jaws.

"and when i do she needs to be with a man, not a boy which is what you are".

i turned to him and bit my lip knowing that i wanted to curse at him but .... i just can't

"I love her"

He chuckled thinking what i said was a joke

"Yeah sure you do but i know what type of guy you because i used to be the same thing you know what that means right?"

i never answered that question

"that means one day you'll let her go leave her for someone else and breqak her heart so I can't have that"


"i don't want to, I don't want to know know. So you get back in your car and leave but if you don't, it's not gonna be good for you"

"what would you do?"

" I'd hit the road kid"

he left me there going back inside his house thinking that i wasn't coming back.

But I'm not giving up Lily easily not without a fight


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