As Long As You Love Me

can lilly go past her dad's word to be with the one she loves?
_as long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke as long as you love me i'll be your platnium i'll be your silver i'll be your gold_


1. that day

lily POV

me and Justin were sitting on my bed gazing in each other's eyes knowing that my dad was not going to be gone for long but we didn't care we were just too busy making out (no too far tho). he then grabbed my eyeliner pencil and started to write on my hand putting 'leave with me ' and moved the hair from my neck and scribbled something. After he was finished i wrote i love you on his arm not knowing and caring what he wrote on my neck. that's when i heard the door open and close. "got out the back doors quick". he nooded and pecked my lips before he went out on my back balcony.  once my dad came in i pretended to read my TEEN VOUGE magazine. But my dad knew that something was up and he was going to find out what.

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