Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


5. the truth

i ran faster and faster into the woods my tears pouring down my face. what was happening to me my life was falling apart just because of Katherine  i just wanted to tear her apart but shes stronger then me and my brothers will never forgive me. as i went deeper into the woods i stopped and sat at a old log in the middle of the dark woods. it was all quiet no sound except from birds tweeting in the distance. all i wished was to be human again not to be this monster anymore. i remember all of it. how i became a monster. a year ago i had a best friend called Millie we were just like sisters. together all the time. but one night changed everything. it was the night of my brother Stefan's birthday party which me and Millie spent hours on. everything was going to plan. everyone dancing and laughing. Stefan having the time of his life. until i notice Millie wasn't here. she must have left. but i know she couldn't have just left she would stay here to the end. so without even thinking i went out to the front of the house to see if she was there. but nothing just darkness. suddenly a screamed echoed through the forest and straight away i knew it was Millie's girly loud scream. so i ran. without knowing were i was going. just following Millie's endless scream. stumbling everywhere i know i had to find Millie fast before it was too late. but it was. i stopped in front of a tree and hid. i looked horrified to see Millie her dress ripped all at the bottom her diamond neck less in pieces on the floor. i watched a tall men holding her hips but he looked really strong  it looked like he was kissing his neck but then i notice blood dripping from the neck. i was about to scream but knew if i did i would be died too. suddenly something cracked and Millie dropped to the ground her eyes shut and her lifeless body laying there full of blood. i was about to ran when he grabbed me. he pulled me out from the tree tightening his grip. " oh well someones spying on me aren't there" he said smiling at me showing me his teeth his fangs bigger then anything i had ever seen. " what do you want with me" i said struck with fear. " well young abbey my name is Nicklaus but you can call me Klaus " he said still smiling. " you will be at great use to me" he said before he bit my neck violently then everything went black when i woke up i notice i was chained up to a wall in a dark small room. then i knew what a was becoming. he helped me. told me how to  drink from a human without hurting them or knowing afterwards. but he never unchained me form the room. he teached me how to compel people. it was a week since i realized i couldn't stay here so i escape he chased me but when i approached my house i saw he wasn't there. then i knew i couldnt tell know when and i was all alone all because of him. tears still ran down my face as i sat there in the woods alone. suddenly i jumped up as i heard a crashing noise. " Stefan , Damon !" i shouted i started running to the crash.  this couldn't be good.

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