Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


6. the new Salvatore brothers

    i ran faster and faster back to the house. then i stopped at the end of the woods. there was a big cart in the front of my house and surrounded by lots of people. then i saw them. tears pouring down there face as they went after the cart. i ran to them and grabbed them by there arms. " whats happening ? " i shouted to them. " Katherine they took her because shes a vampire ! " Damon shouted. everyone was staring at us. i couldn't believe this. now knew she was a vampire. we used to be close. they would of told me straight away. but Katherine torn us apart. " leave her " i shouted to them. " no! " Stefan shouted. we watched the cart pull out and start drifting into the woods. i know what i had to do. compel them. it was the only way they would forget about Katherine and vampires. so they wouldn't be so hurt. but when i was about to do it they both pushed me making me let go. i watched them run after the cart which was going to the church. where the vampire burning s took place. before i could go after them i felt someone grab me. " farther " is shouted. " im not letting you go " he said with his strong voice. "but i have to save Stefan and Damon " its there fault there in this mess. they both fell in love with a vampire and there no better then one " he shouted. " i don't want to lose you " he said in a quiet voice. " you wont " i broke out of his grasp and followed the cart. i didn't want to lose farther. but i loved my brothers more. they were always there for me when mother died.i love them dearly. then my heart sank. "no " i whispered. all i could see was two body's on the floor not moving. i ran. to check how they were. suddenly tears poured down my face quickly. it was them. i checked they heart. no beating. i checked there pulse. not moving. dead. shot in the heart. i lay there next to them crying. they couldn't die not like this. suddenly i got up by the smell of smoke. the church was on fire. i hope Katherine is in there. she deserves to die. i had to leave them. they body's  i didn't want it to end like this. me all alone.

      its been a week from my brothers death. and i feel so alone. today is my brothers funeral.i am hoping it will be cancelled but it will not. i haven't spoke to farther since the day i found out he was the one he shoot them. his own sons. right in the heart. my favorite maid helped me put on my favorite black dress. i promised myself i would try not to cry. when i was done i made my way to the  graveyard where there were getting buried in. suddenly i felt a pain in my throat. i was hungry. it was too late now because it was about to start. so i had to suck it up and ignore it. when i got there. there was lots of people here. lots of people liked us especially me and my brothers. i made myself watch my brothers body's be lowered down into the grave. it was wired that i wasn't able to see there body's. i couldn't even say one last goodbye. when it was the service i got a lot happier. everyone was saying so nice things about my brothers. but now it was my turn. everyone stared as they watched me get up to the front. "my brothers were probably the only people who really cared about me. i loved them. Stefan was the one who i could cry with. the most caring person and kind. Damon was the one i could tell anything to and get into trouble with.i now there gone. and i .... " then i could feel the pain coming. me changing i was crying. so i ran. ran to the woods back home. i stopped at the place i went that night. the night my brothers died. i came here before i saw them. i always come here. to clear my thoughts. be free from drama from stress. from being human. 

   that night my farther was busy. when he was sad he always walked twice as hard. they were having a council meeting. i was in my room thinking what to do. i knew i had to leave him. i know what im going to do. im going to stay here for another year make sure my farther is happy living his life. then when the time is right i live quiet and quickly. suddenly i heard a banging sound coming downstairs. i slowly went downstairs to see what this was about.i looked into farther study and was shocked. i saw him. Stefan  i knew it was. i never mistake Stefan  but he was different. his eyes were bright red. his fangs were out and blood all over him. then i saw it. all the council members died. farther. i hid behind the staircase. then i saw Damon. outside the window. but Damon. he looked. normal . but blood on his hands. "stop it brother " Damon shouted. blood was everywhere. the was only one answer. Katherine must of feed them blood. there vampires. " wheres abbie ? " Stefan said. the house went quiet. now i had to choose. show myself to my brothers or punish them. punish them for leaving me , ignoring me for Katherine  that they know how it was like to lose someone. anyway ill see them one day. as quick as i could i ran out of the house. to the woods. to the world. to explore it. i will see my brothers again and there we will be together forever.



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