Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


4. the ball

it would crush them. to find out there nice loving Katherine was a blood sucking monster. but i wont. instead in the end when they do find out they will suffer and know how stupid they have been and childish. tonight is the first founders day ball and i am not looking forward to it. especially when im not talking to my brothers. as i waited in the dining room for my favorite maid Alisha to come back getting me the perfect dress. suddenly Damon , Stefan and Katherine all came in smiling and laughing. they did not say nothing to me. just passed me , ignoring me. what is she doing to them. making them into two different people. suddenly Alisha came rushing in. " i got your dress abbey the most beautiful one " she said out of breath "why do you sound tired " i asked her as i grabbed the bags of her. " i had to go all the way to town and i went to nearly three shops to find the one you were looking for" she said. " thank you " i said hugging her. i ran upstairs and locked my doors. i looked outside. the garden was surrounded by darkness the founders party is in a hour i must get ready. i grabbed my dress out of the bag and put it on. i started walking around my room admiring it. it was a purple pastel color  it had a big puffy skirt with a arm less top. it had little blue flowery patterns all around it in silk. i got the shoes out of the other bag. great big purple high heels. suddenly i looked at the jewelry at the bottom of the bag. it was a big diamond neck less  full of breath taking big purple diamonds all around. i put my day light ring on and called the maids to do my hair. i hate to do my hair to fiddler. suddenly my hair was done. my beautiful blonde hair full of loose curls. my maid assorted me done the stairs as other maid helped with my dress. as i opened the door my carriage was wanting for me just like Katherine  my brothers and Katherine was meeting me they as i wanted to make my big entrance alone. i watched how the night get darker and the moon getting brighter in sky. suddenly the carriage stopped in front of this beautiful big white house. no one was outside everyone must have gone in to get ready for the first dance. as i strutted out i felt a pain shoot through stomach. the hunger was ripping me up inside. i want be here long ill just show myself stay for a hour then go. as i entered the ball room everyone stopped and stared. they watched how i walked gently down the stairs and got to the dance floor and grabbed a random guy and started to dance then it kicked off. everyone started dancing that i didn't realize it was past 10. suddenly i felt my fangs come out. and ran off the dance floor trying to hide my face as i got outside i ran to the woods. i don't want to live like this.


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