Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


2. Katherine

Me and Damon started running to the house. Suddenly I stopped as I saw a beautiful white carriage and brown tall horses. Suddenly I noticed her. Katherine she looked beautiful. Long brown hair with big eyes just like mine. I notice she was holding stefan's hand. Damon rushed to intrude himself to her. I watched as he kissed her hand and bowed to her. Suddenly something inside me clicked. I didn't like her. Behind her smile was something evil pure evil. Damon and Stefan escorted her inside the house. I lingered behind. I rushed up to my bedroom. And sat on my bed. " can I talk to you" Damon said entering my room and sitting next to me smiling. " sure " I said tired. " I love Katherine but I don't know how to tell her " he said worried. " well tell her the way your feel the way you truly love her. Make her feel special like she is the only girl in the world " I said getting lost in my thoughts. Damon just smiled and rushed off. Hours later I looked out my window pushing my purple lacy curtains out the way. My hunger was getting stronger. It felt like my insides were trying to fit outside. All I had to do is wait till its night and then I can hunt. It hurt me more inside that I was watching them three. Katherine was playing with Stefan and Damon. Playing something Damon got from the army. I was a ball and you throw it around. I watched as Katherine eyes watched my brothers like a lion. " dinner" one of the maids shouted downstairs. I walked downstairs to see my brothers go straight passed me as I at the bottom. What's wrong with them ! They usually help me and walk with me. It's like Katherine has put her in a trance. But I could the that. But I wouldn't. I would never do anything to hurt there love nothing. I entered the dining room in my favourite gown. A purple strapless flowing dress. I sat down on the other side of them. When the food came everyone was quiet enjoying there swan. Swan was the most expensive meat. But I loved it. " so how long are you staying here Katherine " my dad side wiping his mouth with his cloth. " I hope forever " said Damon smiling. Stefan giggled. " until I get on my feet and know more about mystic falls". They made me click. I got up as soon as I finished and rushed to my room and shut the door. When it got dark I was about to set of until Stefan came in and sat on my bed. " I need to talk " he said worried. " Stefan I don't want to talk" I said so hungry. " I really want to tell Katherine that I love her but I don't know how" he said ignoring my response. " Stefan! You haven't even known her for a day and you sounding like she is your soul mate. It's horrible that Damon loves Katherine too and loving the same girl it's not healthy. You'll be getting in fights Stefan it will be better if you let her go " I said keeping my voice quiet but strong. " who gives you the right to say who I love. I love her and just because It happened to you doesn't mean its going to happen to me" he started shouting. Suddenly Damon came in. " what's going on" Damon whispered. " does not matter " Stefan said storming off. Damon went after him. What is happening did I really just have a argument with Stefan. Is the cravings my thoughts told me. Suddenly I heard what my brothers were arguing. " you can't just say that to her " Damon said rising his voice. " we'll she deserves it " Stefan shouted. I was surprised that farther couldn't hear this. " don't say that she's young " Damon shouted " she told me you love Katherine not young now is she " Stefan shouted suddenly they both stormed off to there rooms. What I had done both of my brothers were mad with me. Stefan was mad because I told him how I was feeling and Damon because I had told one of the biggest secrets he has told me. My life is ripping apart.

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