Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


3. find out

   my brothers hate me. ever since are argument they have not spoke to me. they have just ignored me. it has been a couple of days now and Damon has gone back to the army not saying goodbye. they broke me. know i know how dark he really is. tomorrow is the founders day ball. its to celebrate finding mystic falls. i was looking forward to it but now im not. having to sit there all on my own. without my brothers supporting me and messing with me. i grabbed my drawing pad and headed outside where Katherine and Stefan was. laughing and talking to each other. loving each other dearly. i sat on the bench and started drawing the big old oak tree in the middle of our garden. it was unbelievable how much my whole body was hurting from no human blood. i only have restricted myself to have blood from wild deers from the night of the argument  thinking it was going to get better. but it hasn't  my throat is hurting all the time and my emotions are all other the place. i hate to think one day i have to run away. run away from this life and make a new one. if my brothers or dad ever found out i am a vampire. they will hate me especially my farther. he hates even the sight of vampires. suddenly a dark figure came out of the bushes. Damon !. " i thought you were coming back in two weeks " Stefan said hugging Damon  " i just couldn't miss the founders ball " he said with a big smirk on his face. i watched Katherine go closer to them. " hmm two brothers who both want to be with me at the founders ball who will i choose " Katherine said smiling. she walked towards the house and they both followed her. then i knew what she was. a real bitch.

 i went to my room tired of it all. until i heard a knock at my door. " can i come in " Katherine said leaning against my door. " i guess so " she came in and sat on my bed. " i heard what you are saying to Stefan and Damon and i don't like it " she said. how did she know what i had been saying to my brothers. she couldn't tell me what not to do and what to do. suddenly it came to me. " well you would not like it if i told my brothers what you really are " i said playing her tricks. but it all went wrong. in a second she grabbed my neck and put me against my dresser. " you dare threaten me again and its the last thing you do , oh and i know your a vampire too so " she said. she let go of my neck and zoomed out of my bedroom. i had to warn them.

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