Blood of tears

Tears are always started by love. Abbey is the young sister of the two salvatore brothers. All she wants is to have love. But what happens when her brothers ruined that. ( the vampire diaries fan fiction )


1. The garden

September 24th 1864

Love is my weakness. But it is my only desire in life. To love to have a family. But now that's changed because of the monster I am. A vampire. My garden was like a never ending maze. Lots of twist and turns. Full of big oak trees. Surrounded by red lush roses and pink Lilly's. I wonder around my garden my silk dress following me where ever I go at the back. My father watched me as I wondered our huge garden. Farther was waiting for my brothers to come back from there stroll. He always worried about them mostly Damon. I turned around to see my two tall brothers standing next to my farther watching me as I walked towards them. " hi abbey " Damon said smirking. Farther had said I looked just like my brothers. The same colour hair as Stefan. The same dirty blonde. And damons lovely eyes. His big bold blue crystal eyes just like mine. But mine were ever so bigger and bolder. " sister can I speak to you " Damon said walking past me and Stefan as he wondered down the garden. I followed him knowing where he was going. Me and Damon were very close. We loved each other so much. He has always been over protective of me well both of them are. Damon entered our secreat garden. Me and Damon had always wondered the garden together. But one day we went deep in it and find this little meadow the beautifulliest one I have ever seen. Full of fresh green grass. With lots of Daisy's and sun flowers. There was also the most beautiful animals like blue birds foxes and even deers in the spring. Damon sat down on the old oak bench. I sat next to him. " where does farther hate me " Damon said putting his head in his hands. " farther does not hate you. He loves you. You are his son and nothing can change that " I said smiling. " yes but he favourites you and Stefan " he said staring into my eyes. I was so hungry staring at him made my throat hurt but I couldn't damons my brother. " that's because we are young and he just wants us to choose the right choices like you have " suddenly there was a silent paused. I listened to hear horses clicking their feet on the ground. Young Katherine was here. Katherine who we barly know is coming tos stay until she comes back on her feet and knows the town. But I don't like the sound of her.

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