Love Never Lasts

Sophie and Amelia go to a 1D concert. Sophie noticed that Niall stared at her the whole time. Was this going to be lasting love?


8. Zayn And Amelia= love ever lasting?

Zayns P.O.V

Wow, ok. So... if thats just happened to Sophie and Niall, what about me and Amelia. I don't want to lose her and I know that Niall feels the same way about Sophie. I better go find her and keep her in my sight, JUST IN CASE!

Liams P.O.V

Wow, Amelia have never looked more beautiful. I wish she was mine.... wait what am I saying? She has a boyfriend and her boyfriend is my best friend, Zayn. I can't ruin it for them. I mean, I almost ruined Zayns last relationship!

Zayns P.O.V

Ok, so Amelia is in my sight. And this ain't gonna be good, Liams approching her. I'll get closer.

"Hey Liam and Amelia, vas happenin'?

"Nothing much Zayn me and Liam are just.... hanging out."

Thats pause inbetween didn't sound good, AT ALL.

"What do you mean, hanging out? Amelia whats happened?"

Tears formed in her eyes, and she lead me upstairs.

"Zayn, I really love you I do! Honestly, with all my heart. But I've been getting so much hate I can't take it anymore and I had to discuss it with someone, I just felt that Liam would be a better person. Nothing happened, honestly."

"Oh, Amelia, I never knew... I- I'm so sorry. So what do you wanna do about it?"

"Zayn, I wanna stay with you!!"

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