Love Never Lasts

Sophie and Amelia go to a 1D concert. Sophie noticed that Niall stared at her the whole time. Was this going to be lasting love?


18. Union J

Amelias P.O.V

OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM DATING JAYMI! Ok. ok calm down... I wonder if he really likes me or if Zayn just told him. Now I'm not so happy.

Jaymi's P.O.V

Zayn told me Amelia liked me. YES! I liked her too! So, I asked her out. Logic, I guess. I'm so glad that shes my girl friend, I love her to bits. Although, I do feel sorry for Zayn because he still loves her! I've never had much luck with the girls, but now I'm on the X Factor, they all seem to want me! I just hope she knows what shes in for....

I expect she had hate on Twitter with Zayn, so she wont take it to harshly. I hoipe. I hate to she girls cry because when they cry I cry! And I dont like crying! And she'll have to put up with the others being COMPLETE AND UTTER lunitics.

Sophies P.O.V

I know who the father is, its Harry. What am I gonna tell Niall? Hes gonna kill me! I'm going to be a single mom!

"Harry! Harry! Come here!"

"Sophie, whats up? You hurt?"

I started crying and he hugged me. He looked really worried and he was shaking.

"Harry, Im pregnant! But your the father!"

He just looked at me with wide eyes. He looked down and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Does Niall know?"

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