Love Never Lasts

Sophie and Amelia go to a 1D concert. Sophie noticed that Niall stared at her the whole time. Was this going to be lasting love?


11. Papparazi

Amelias P.O.V

I want Sophie and Niall to tag along, just incase things get bad.

*Ring rin...*

"Hey, Millie, whats up? You never call!"

"Soph, can you tag along tonight when me and Zayn go out, just incase... you know, things go bad?"

"Yeah, ok I guess its at Duets?"


"KK see you there"

I put the phone down. Wow, I feel alot better now shes tagging along. I just hope you knows what I mean by 'tagging'...

*In The Car*

We turned on the radio, and you'll never guess what was on...


We have the best time singing along, me and Zayn were laughing our butts off!

When we arrived, I saw Sophie, and gave her the look. She went to a table and sat down. Me and Zayn then went and got a table... suprise suprise, the papparazi were there. Great!

We left because I was getting aggitated. I could tell Zayn wasn't happy...

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