Love Never Lasts

Sophie and Amelia go to a 1D concert. Sophie noticed that Niall stared at her the whole time. Was this going to be lasting love?


14. Louis and Elenor

Louis P.O.V

Elenor and I have been fighting alot lately. I know this isnt gonna end well, so I may as well just let her go. All she ever does is accuse me of cheating, when she knows shes my only one!

"Elenor, you're being rediculous! I love you and ONLY you!! Why are you doing this to me?" I was on the verge of tears.

"LOUIS! I've seen you with that other girl and I know you love her!"

"Wait, what other girl? Oh you mean Sophie! Elenor you have to understand I love her but as a friend! She is basically my best friend! How could you think that?"

"Louis! We are over!"

I feel to my knees and cried. How could the love of my life do this to me?


Harrys P.O.V

I got a call from Louis asking if he could come over. Of course I agreed! But he sounded pretty upset. I hate it when he cries! It makes everyone else cry, especially me. He is like a brother to me, all the boys are.

*Door bell rings*

"Louis? Dude whats wrong?"

"Elenor broke up with me!"

I gave him a hug and he cried on my shoulder. God, I felt so bad.


Hey my little pigeons!

Has any1 else heard how amazing little things is? When i watched the vid i cried, literally!

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