Love Never Lasts

Sophie and Amelia go to a 1D concert. Sophie noticed that Niall stared at her the whole time. Was this going to be lasting love?


13. Back Together

Zayns P.O.V

I feel so bad that me and Amelia are just friends now. I love her so much, and this has to work. We were meant for each other.

"Amelia? Are you ok? I'm sorry."

"Zayn, can we please get back together! I miss you and I want to be with you forever! PLEASE!"

Before I knew it my lips were on top of hers. It was magical, perfect, amaZAYN.

"So I guess that means were back together?"

"Yes, Amelia, we are!"

Sophies P.O.V

I can't believe Niall proposed to me! It salways been my dream to marry the cute Irish dude with perfect hair and perfect blue eyes! But I felt bad for Amelia since Zayn didn't propose to her. I could tell it hurt her.

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